Odd Exercise Scenario's

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. Errr, a decipherable post?
  2. Polar, stop picking your own mushrooms.
  3. Hard work them 2 day exercises though eh? By the time you've all swanned round a service station for 4 hours looking like you got dressed on top of an express train, knocked up a harbour area that resembles a Kenyan slum, crashed camp and cleaned out a local chippy on your way home you wonder where the time went!
  4. I just spat my tea out!
  5. Have you been sneaking on our weekends without anyone knowing?!
  6. Nowt to do with me..... if BP searches DII he can find the original and see I didn't write it.
  7. But do I really want to?
  8. Be fair, annual camp is fifteen days. Well fifteen days less travel each way, R&R, Mess Dinners, Mess Meetings, "in camp routine" & so on. I reckon I probably did a good week at a time in the field when I was a Territorial ;)
  9. In the good old days, pay parade, sports day and buckshee day off to (usually) Blackpool took this down to 4 days. ;o)
  10. Chuck in the AT phase & a smoker & we probably did more actual exercising on a weekend than camp.
  11. I think the oddest scenario was the 1968 Cold War Exercise INVALUABLE, which had the Soviets setting up a FOB on the Moon...then it all kicked off back on Earth.

  12. I can't really beat that!

    Many years ago we had a weekend exercise in which PIRA had kidnapped a nuclear physicist and his daughter and to free them the obvious choice was for my TA Inf unit to be deployed to recce, and assault the buildings in which they were being held. We used Mousehole charges (simulated) and GPMG, not one or two, practically everyone had one as they hadn't been able to get BFAs or 9mmm blank for the SMGs!

    Oh what fun. :)
  13. At catterick final exercise scenario was rather odd. The Scottish had invaded England and our platoon was tasked to counter the Scottish rebels. The scots had been seen patrolling through the Yorkshire training area, we would have to recce their positions for possible ambush points and then destroy them. Funny though as I haven't seen many
    Scottish gurkhas before. The night ambush and final attack was rather exhausting
  14. I got told to re-write a TEWT scenario that involved a Bde Op to recover the triangle of ground North of the Tweed down to "The real border" at Berwick. "Too political".