Odd charities connection?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Feb 21, 2011.

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  1. I was just re-arranging the contents of my fridge into alpha-numeric order.
    The present wife got some ham from Sainsbury's last week.I noticed a label on the front stating that "100% of our post tax profit goes to help UK charities" and the logo of the RBL Poppy appeal.
    Kudos to the good people at Red Lion Foods.
    I also remember seeing hot chocolate powder with links to H4H.
  2. I've been doing quite a lot of Heroin, I'm not really bothered where the profits go. .
  3. I like Gentleman's Relish. The salty fishy brown stuff that is. Oh dear, I'm not really explaining this at all well...

    Anyway I am reliably informed that the profits of GR go to a home for distressed Guards officers in Surrey. Bless!
  4. I suggested my girlfriend selling her excellent services, the profits thereof going to the Albertous retirement fund. All I got for my charitable thoughts was a black eye!
  5. I wondered where she got that new jewelry from :)
  6. Seeking your opinion/views/help/support for a new idea. With the latest government cut backs to pay the bankers bonuses our UK military charities are going to suffer , but we have a new way to help. No I do not want sponsorship to ride a unicycle backwards from Lands End to JO’Gs whilst wearing only a battle bowler with a daffodil up my jacksy. How about a Rag Mag sold to raise the cash. If the mag was full of robust militarily style humour but without the military language (All blue words removed to appease the BRB (Blue Rinse Brigade) Sold to the general public for £1.50 with 0.5p going direct to various military charities, and any profits after expenses also going to charity. Sounds like a good idea? I thought so, so I tried it and had a few thousand printed. That’s when the fun started. No charity will allow themselves to be directly associated with something that is so ‘Non-PC’ We can not say who we are raising money for, but we can say whom we have given money to! We have had the topic raised at Command Board level in the MOD but regulations prevent them assisting. (I love the BRB)Beer festivals are great but a sod to get into. Selling it in some Pubs work well but it is a sod to collect the cash The web site is running but no one knows about it, (Google howling hound)
    Ladies and Gents let me know if you think it’s a good idea/suggestions.

  7. Are they perhaps distressed because of a lack of Gentlemans Relish or a surfeit?
  8. Didn’t Henry VIII die of a surfeit of gentleman’s relish
  9. I thought he got lamped?
  10. My mistake. I caught a surfeit of Lamps once, very painful. No wonder he kept chopping bits of his misses
  11. was it not him who got a redhot poaker up the pooper to cure his homoness, worked I suppose he died so never had gay sex again
  12. That was Edward II
  13. checked after, couldn't be bothered to edit but my point still stands it stoped him having gaysex

    of course it also stopped him having his tea but thats not the point I'm making
  14. Probably because they consumed too much Gents Relish in the liquid format known, as Jorrocks infoms us, as a "Twatini"...