Odd button

Anyone able to identify this button:

It's on a 1930s - 40s black OR No 1 Dress uniform, possibly RM.

My thinking is that the buttons are a later addition, perhaps for a commissionaire, museum attendant or some such. Any other ideas gratefully accepted.
It is possible they are off the uniform of a rating who worked on HMS Britannia?

Although I suppose that they'd wear the usual ones....

Edited to add: You'd have thought the British India Steam Company might have worn them as well, but their pattern has a slightly different 'Britannia' on it, as shown below:

Oldham bus conductor?

This is only a guess, but the Norfolk Regiment cap badge was Britannia. A quick google search produced a couple of militaria dealers offering Royal Norfolk Regiment buttons that look similar.
Or have I fallen into the "too obvious" trap?
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