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Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by antphilip, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. Have just watched this trailer http://www.apple.com/trailers/sony/whywefight/trailer/

    Now it's about the american military industrial complex however a little after half way in you can see a british soldier in a sandy place provided protection for troops loading onto a helicopter. However he has a cover on the end of his barrel.

    Could someone tell me why? (SOP for certain training exercise, bad drills... etc?) Sparked a level of curiosity in an otherwise dull trailer.
  2. Couldn't tell you for sure, but I think every airman I ever saw stagging on in the UK had a rubber cover on. The chap might be a Rock.

    Aside from that though, it's a cracking film. It originally aired on BBC4 last year. Took my studes to see it last week and every Spam I know that has seen it has had a serious "WTF?" moment afterwards.

    Especially touching is the commentary from a retired NYPD officer (ex- Vietnam UH-1 door gunner) who lost a son on 9/11 and got right behind the Iraq escapade because, like most Americans, he swallowed the line about Saddam being linked to al Qaeda. He even got the USMC to put his son's name on the side of a JDAM. Then he talks about the sandwich dropping moment when Monkey Boy announces in a press conference in the cabinet room that they have no intelligence linking Saddam and bin Laden. Absolutely gutting.
  3. just been looking through my little brothers recent copy of 'ARMY' magazine (from camouflage or summat) and there's a section about an army photographer in there, accompanied by some of the pictures he's taken. one of them has a caption by himself (photographer) saying it was taken during a battle for something or other and was in the heat of the moment etc etc. he goes on to say that it was dangerous for him to take the picture, but he did it anyway. now, after a minute admiring the picture (while parting with last nights dinner) i noticed that this soldier (who, remember, is in the middle of a firefight) has his barrel cover on and depite having his eye to the SUSAT and finger on the trigger, has his safety catch on.

    explanations please? i mean, afterall, it doesn't bear thinking about that the photographer might be lying and the photo is staged, does it?

    best i can come up with so far is that he infact moves at super speed to remove the cap and disengage safety before he takes a shot and then rapidly reapplies them so that he looks less threatening if a local/photographer/tv crew should catch sight of him. this probably isn't right tho.
  4. Can you get the picture scanned so we can see, and laugh?
  5. Doesn't it just keep the dust out? Yet you can still put a round through it quite happily and pick up a new cover from SQMS, or at least that is what was explained to me.

    No idea about that photo where safety is still on though, got a copy to post on here?
  6. it's the issue dust cover which comes with the cleaning kit however it should not be left on for firing as it effects the fall of shot so this guy is either been trained badly or is just a muppet
  7. I was under the impression you could just put round through it if required

  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Surely the first shot, down a cold barrel, will have its flight and hence fall of shot affected anyway, hence 5 warmers into the bank before zeroing?

    But never having been issued with a muzzle cover except a dice beaker for the Three Oh on me Ferret or the 76 on me Scorpion, how would I know?

    Edited to point out that I was also under the impression that "they" said you could just fire through the dust cap on an SA80, but they were new-fangled as I left.
  9. The overpressure from the round travelling down the barrel will blow the cover off before the round gets to it (unless of course he has taped it on).
  10. [​IMG]

    theres half of the picture mate. too big to scan the whole thing, but at least i got the pleb and his gat in there. notice the safety is applied and the muzzle cover is on.
  11. RTFQ


    He's not even made ready, so it's probably not so much 'mid firefight' as the phot suggests.
  12. The phot was Giles Penfound IIRC and it was taken in the grounds of Basrah Technical College. He won the 2003 Army photographic competition with the other shot in this sequence (featuring the sniper (SG?) on the roof apparently overlooking the spot where this one was taken) but I don't recall him saying they were in contact with the enemy at that stage.

    I think the guy is just covering his arcs. As it is possible to close the dust cover to keep the shite out after making ready, it is not a reliable indicator that he hasn't cocked the weapon.

    Hope this helps.

  13. I thought the thread starter meant the one in front of the Chinook in Deserts...
  14. [​IMG]

    With difficulty, managed to get a pic of what I thought the original thread was about?
  15. Ive always done that with the Dust cover. Bit of para chord taped to the stock (not tied round the barrel to avoid those embarassing molten plastic moments). I always assumed that first shot would blow it off/up hardly going to affect a rapidly accelerating bullet.

    And Dust cover done back up in the sandpit once made ready to keep gunge out.

    Used to get issued an arctic muzzle cover for the SLR they where like gold dust and clipped onto the bayonet lug (I think) soft sort of rubber. Great for keeping gunge out of your barrel and Im sure they would have disintegrated if you fired with on the end ?