octobers vcr bill and air guns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by andyboy443, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. i don't know who's heard about the new violent crime reduction act (comes into forces october 1st)m but it basically bans the manufacture, importation and sale of replica firearms, i was wondering if anyone i the know (unlike myself) could tell me if this affects airguns (.177's and whatnot)
  2. bring out the kitchen knives,,,,here we go...more stabbings
  3. Airsofters will be forced to walt about airsofting probably...
  4. i'm not talking about airsoft i mean air-put a lead pellet up a pigeons arrse cus hes pi**ing me off-guns
  5. FFS,

    Some headbanger shoots up a primary school with illegally held guns and instead of simply sorting out the (quite frankly) obvious flaw in an otherwise good system (ie enforcing it) they ban ALL weapons to such a point they have made certain sports events illegal.

    What is happening to those Olympic Events that will actually be illegal to be performed during the 2012 Fiasco?

    Now this.

    The government should concentrate on enforcing the laws that exist properly. Rather than inventing insane new laws that the Police can only just enforce, in between their main role as generators of paperwork.
  6. Not that iam an Airsofter (!!) but the way around it for them is as long as the weapon is sold with a bright orange/red/yellow painted muzzle then it ceases to be a REALISTIC Imitation Firearm and becomes a Imitation Firearm!!
    But i wholly agree with Choc Frog, banning everything does what??? Puts it beyond control, and i heard recently 2007 has seen the largest rise of youth gun crime for years!
  7. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    So according to that all the airsofters will be getting banged up for upto 7 years when this comes in 8O

    While airsoft is not for me I have no problem with others playing soldiers if thats what floats their boat so this seems like a major overeaction by this useless government.

    What do they have to do then go and hand in hundreds of pounds worth of toys to the police? That will make the streets safer then, NOT!

    You couldn't make this up could you. :roll:
  8. From the same government that brought you 24hr drinking and super cassino's
  9. If they think that I'm handing in my Air-rifle, they've got another thing coming!
  10. Airguns are airguns and not classed as replica's. Airguns are already covered by law.

    Airsofters can still use their airsoft toys as part of an airsoft club.

    As usual the new laws will make no difference as the criminals/scum/idiots will take no notice. Remember Liarbour banned handguns, so there isn't anymore handgun crime .... :roll:
  11. Well since the new handgun laws I've not done a single bank job with an illegal pistol, so it must be working.
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I notice its now made it a criminal offence to give away football tickets to a mate if you can't go your self.

    I notice it slyly slips in a huge range of ammendments to other acts....
  13. The VCR will have zero effect on the scrotes and chavs who misuse airguns - but it also removes another freedom from the law-abiding.
    From 1 October, it becomes illegal for businesses to sell airguns by mail order.
    You may however, as a private individual, still buy and sell airguns by mail.

    Well - that'll help!
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Another useless government load of pants. Criminalising a portion of the essentially law abiding population while not actually making a difference to the real problem.