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Looking to take a few of the lads away next year so they can experience proper fass beer and gyros, bratties etc.

Hanover was a thought, as could keep costs down and buy more ale, but can't remember when the big summer fest is! Anyone know? Cheap accom.? Or any other good venues?

I also thought of the Stopplemarkt in Vechta, but **** all to see there, so that's a non starter!
Go to Cologne - the City Class Caprice hotel off the Auf den Rothenburg is just behind the Heumarkt and within easy staggering distance of the city's many waterig holes.
You can still enjoy Mnich and its' attractions but at reduced cost by going to Fruhlingsfest...April 19 to 5 May 2013. It works out cheaper because they don't get the same inflow of non-Bavarians as during Oktoberfest. Moreover the inflated hotel prices don't seem to be part of the Fruhlingsfest Zeitgeist!

If you like mussels, chips and salty stews...then give Bruges' 6th beer festival a spin in Feb 2013 (1st to 4th).


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Well I do prefer Cider but can drink Beer. I remember an oompah band a revolving dance floor, falling down some spiral staircase backwards and a man escaping from my room.


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Twisty ties, 600mm long, 2 for a quid @ poundland....... get 2 packs just in case.

They can hold ladders on my roof rack, so they should be strong enough for your wicked purposes.......

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