October 25th ~ Balaklava

Discussion in 'RAC' started by TheBigUn, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. A happy 154th anniversary this coming Saturday. Raise a glass to the noble 600.

  2. My ex Wifes Birthday as well on the 25th. I will drink a gallon of Gunfire to dull the memories.

    "Go again Sir?" Not fcuking likely show me those guns again.................................
  3. And Agincourt ..... but, back to Balaklava, and more Tennyson.

  4. Visited the battle site last week while on buisness in the Crimea. Pretty thought provoking place, the whole lot Inkerman, Balaklava, Alma and Sevastopol itself. Tried to imagine being a young lad sent half way around the planet on a ship to fight in a place as remote as that.

    Did not find any British monuments/war graves etc. Sevastopol was a closed city under the Russkies untill 1992. Definitely worth a visit though.
  5. I think it was Cardigan himself that said of Tennyson after seeing that poem :

    "....he ought to be court martialed for writing such damned rubbish..."
  6. Good crowd of ex 11H celebrated Balaclava Day at Telford again.Raised a glass to KRH.

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