Octet-stream help?

When I try to save some data from an old webmail account, the file type is coming up as "application/octet stream". Do any of the IT gurus know what programme I should use to open the file once I've saved it? Google isn't coming up with much.

jinxy said:
Need to no what the file extension is. It's a binary file, so you could run 'strings.exe' to pull out any text.

Strings: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897439.aspx
Oddly, the file doesn't seem to have a file extension. When I click on "properties", it just says "Unknown file type". When I download the information, it says: "You have chosen to open [the file name], which is a: application/octet stream from [my webmail address]". Am happy to try other ways of getting the info (a couple of thousand emails) onto my hard drive.
Gremlin said:
Your mother owes me!!!! :D
No payment until you've actually sorted the thing, rather than making as-yet-unfulfilled promises! Saving the files as an Outlook archive is a really good idea though. Let me know when you're about and I'll bring my laptop into work.

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