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We've had an email from a chap called David Owen who is doing a sponsored parachute jump for H4H. Pretty impressively he has already raised over £16,000 but is obviously trying to improve that as much as possible.

If you want to find out more and/or contribute to the total then please visit his web page Here.
We've just received another email from David to let us know that the jump went so well that he has now challenged Henry Cooper to 3 rounds in the ring! He's on target for for the £20k he is hoping to raise with £17,500 already in the pot.

Anyone fancy helping him then his page is Here.
Red Devil's Help for Heroes Skydiver, a total Dude!!

David Owen, what a great guy.

My company arranged his skydive with the Red Devil's, he was'nt the least bit nervous. He was totally up for it!!
David is an inspiration to us all.

It just goes to show what a highly motivated fundraiser can achieve & demonstrates the power of online fundraising.
David has now reached £19,790.70 all for Help for Heroes. David's efforts make him the highest individual fundraiser with the Red Devil's for 2008. An awesome effort, from a great guy!!

If you would like to jump with the Red Devil's please find more information below:

Fundraising Tandem Skydives are available with the Red Devil's for the 2009 season.

The team are set to be working with over 30 Military charities funds & associations in 2009, with over 100 Civilian Charities also along for the ride.

Total cost is £290 per skydive. (Of which a £90 reservation fee is payable at time of booking)
Minimum average sponsorship amount set by the charities is £500.
If this entire amount is eligible for Gift Aid at 28% the charity could receive as much as £350 for all of your efforts. The highest ratio of return available from any other suppliers.

Dates & locations are posted below:

Strathallan (Scotland) 7th May 8th May 11th May
Strathallan (Scotland) 12th May 13th May
Netheravon (Wiltshire) 26th May 27th May 28th May
Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 9th June 10th June 11th June
Dunkeswell Airfield (Devon) 23rd June 24th June 25th June
Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 7th July 8th July 9th July
Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 1st Sept 2nd Sept 3rd Sept
Netheravon (Wiltshire) 22nd Sept 23rd Sept 24th Sept
Langar Airfield (Nottingham) 6th Oct 7th Oct 8th Oct

For how to book & further information please visit the teams website:


Or alternatively visit the Red Devil's exclusive events partner's Click and Jump, who offer a one-stop shop for all of the UK's Dropzones, Group bookings & can assist with all your enquiries.

Visit: www.clickandjump.co.uk or email: info@clickandjump.co.uk

Call 0800 345 7468

By using a online fundraising page with www.bmycharity.com you could increase the ratio of return for your chosen charity by over 80% compared to other suppliers. More information available on the Click and Jump website or directly through Bmycharity.

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it with the best in the business.
It's as easy as falling out of a plane!!
It would appear that David is still going strong. His latest jaunt was to 'hobble a half' (marathon) which he managed without too many dramas. Frankly if I can manage half a pint aged 80 then I'll be chuffed.

His fundraising tally for Help for Heroes is now over £50,000 which is also pretty impressive. If you want to learn more then why not look at his Bmycharity page.

In his own words:

How did it all start? Like HELP for HEROES itself; as from little acorns oak trees grow. In the summer of 2008 I was disgusted with the ineptitude and miserly attitude of the MOD who deprived our fighting forces with the correct gear when in Afghanistan and in addition paid them a pittance to risk their lives. Our Politicians seem happy to send men to war but seem surprised when an unfortunate number get killed or wounded. What foresight! It is the job of Government to provide proper care for those they send to war.

It is now February 2012 and I am still disgusted when I now read that those same civil servants at the MOD have awarded themselves £40 million in Bonuses. This despite much criticism of the department and the fact that members of the armed forces are going through a 2 year PAY FREEZE and heavy redundancies. Over 55,000 officials (out of 83,000) are to be given this EXTRA payment whilst the servicemen on the front line risk their lives and in nearly 400 cases lost them. Is this the correct way forward in a fair society ?

In 2008 I wanted to do something to raise awareness and cash so, although 80, I booked myself to make a parachute jump. A year later I challenged our ‘enry, Sir Henry Cooper, to 3 one minute rounds in the boxing ring. All rather Boys Own stuff but, together with other smaller ideas, managed to raise around £37,000 from a multitude of generous Donors. With this we were able to provide two people carrying vehicles at Selly Oak Military Hospital and Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre. They are based at the SSAFA Norton Homes nearby where they are used to ferry families to and fro visiting their loved ones who are receiving treatment for their wounds.
Regretfully, servicemen and women are still being hurt in Afghanistan so more effort is required. HELP for HEROES are now running a ROAD to RECOVERY programme. Click on their website (Help for Heroes ) but the plan is to help them after leaving the treatment Centre’s on to their journey through life. This help for them and their families is surely the least we can do.
What else? My friend, Chris Twiselton, and I put our heads together. We had the same object. What could we now do to raise more funds and thus help improve the quality of life for those much more unfortunate than ourselves? We set a new target of £50,000 over and above any Gift Aid received. We agreed to sell unwanted items on eBay and I also made arrangements before Christmas to have stalls at a couple of Supermarkets and Garden Centres. That has worked quite well and we are continuing, More recently an evening of humour has been arranged in Chiswick on Sunday 26th February at The Headliners Comedy Club. Tickets are £10 a head and many well- known stand-up comics will be on stage.
In addition and perhaps more importantly, Chris has a place in The Virgin London Marathon and he will be running for our charity HELP for HEROES .The date is Sunday the 22nd April so look out for him and support him. As I am feeling a bit left out with all of Chris’s efforts and noting that the day after the 22nd is St George’s Day I decided to support him on the Monday by ‘Hobbling a Half’. I will start appropriately at the Docklands Museum with my collecting bucket and make my way to the ‘invisible’ finishing line half way down the Mall. Anyone want to join us?

David and Chris

David and Chris


I joined David for a pint at the end of his Half Marathon on St George's Day this year. He sauntered into the pub just off the Mall in London looking like he'd just been for a stroll around St James's Park. 60 years after leaving the Parachute Regiment and still pushing out the miles!

It's that motivation that's helped David raise nearly £50,000 for Help for Heroes at www.bmycharity.com/davidsparajump. He needs just £133.25 to reach that target - any takers?

I first met David back in 2008 when I was running www.bmycharity.com. He had already raised over £15,000 for Help for Heroes and I went to see him jumping with the Red Devils. Since then he's never stopped fundraising and campaigning, and judging by the number of supporters at the end of the Half Marathon he's inspired many more people to support service charities too.

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