OCs Do they Know how to run a Squadron???

Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Big_Floater, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Do Sqn OC's understand what their Squadrons roles and responsibilities are or are they only interested in promotion, command on OPs and impressing the Colonel.

    The reason I ask is for several years it seems that OC's are pushing their Squadrons to the Max, not happy for them to take their turn they are fighting for the chance to show how good they are as a commander, but not understanding what they actually command.

    Equipment husbandry seems to suffer as their priorities differ, ie corporate image overpasses the need for vehicle and equipment availabilities.
    Appreciated the Army is busier than ever and the need to be ready for all eventualities in this current climate is of paramount, but we have lost Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq so we should have calmed down slightly and the day to day stuff should be achievable.

    The once "listen to your SNCO's" has now turned into dictate to your SNCO's and the stamping of ones feet to get what one wants is now becoming more and more apparent. That elustrious OBE (Other Blokes Efforts) seems to dangle as a carrot removing all logic and common sense and enforcing a work hard and stay working policy....

    So I ask do RLC Officers attend a different Staff college than the teeth arms, do they actually understand what their Squadron and indeed commitment is or is it just the higher they go the more arrogant and ignorant they get, and Is this prevelant throughout the Army... :D
  2. I take it you are not happy in your job and you reckon you could run your sqn better than your OC? What's wrong, life in the stores getting too much for you?
  3. Firstly I would rather commit suicide than be a stacker, secondly I am more than happy working for Tescos Sorry :)
  4. Let me get this right. You work for Tescos but for some reason you are running down RLC officers?

    Very strange
  5. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    AFA06 - he is talking about his secondment from his Sqn to the NAAFI. :thumleft:
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    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Goodo, another chance to bash the orifices.

    Poor, misunderstood creatures.

    I'm standing back and letting the barrage flow forth.
  7. :wink: :wink: :mrgreen:
  8. Q:OCs Do they know how to run a Squadron???
    A:Nope! Thats why PTIs take Sqn PT.


    my coat, Sah!
  9. If you work in a place where phrases such as "corporate image overpass" are used then you are fcuked anyway so why worry.
  10. It's not the fault of the individuals, it's the system. When young officers come out of training they are treated as though they are untouchable. Long gone are the days where they actually learnt from the bottom up and were guided by SNCO's and WO's. Now they are put into posts and their entire focus is on passing MK tests and working out their career paths.

    Why post a young Captain to a Bde job and then a adjutants or Ops officer post to prepare him/her for becoming a leader of men/doris's. Surely they should split the paths and have planners and brains doing the HQ jobs and have the leaders and man mangers doing the command jobs. Just because they were good at sorting out skips and shitters for exercises doesn't make them good at looking after soldiers MS and commanding troops.
  11. But the good ones can do both - and they have to if you want good officers at the top of the tree looking after soldiers.
  12. Really? - Some very interesting points - along the lines of our chat the other day.

    I think theres a need to be seen to do whats 'expected' and sieze the 'MS Moment"

    Reality is that we have lost the art of Mission Command with a risk averse ethos developing, where we should be encouraging the Junior Commander to take risk and provide top cover, not be paranoid that they may make a mistake. All that happens then is the Sgts do the Cpls Job, the SSgt the Sgts job and so on and we all run round working very hard doing other peoples jobs - maybe we should push the levels of responsibilities back down to the Sect Comd, otherwise we are in danger of losing that rank as well.

    And amongst the Officer Corps I feel that we have lost the 'Serve to Lead' ethos.
  13. Maybe the question should be - Do they know how to LEAD a Squadron??
  14. I assume that it's much the same in the RLC as it is in the Signals? Some OCs are outstanding blokes who you would quite willingly follow anywhere, some are utter knobbers that you'd put a bullet through before going on the piss with, never mind on Ops?

    Much the same as any other rank or appointment in the Sqn/Regt?
  15. A VERY good point - i agree