i have been advised in another board to post my query here as it is more appropriate..........

my 15 year old son has applied for the army foundation college- he has done the initial part of selection at the local careers office i.e. the barb test, 2 mile run and passed that fine- he has been a member of the local army cadet force for 3 years and has done really well in terms of promotion/competitions etc... i realise this is peanuts in the real world but in some ways i suppose it shows commitment and stability and a modicum of potential- unfortunately he was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder aged 13 - it really came about after my ex husband and i divorced- it was a traumatic time in our lives- his symptoms were to do with obsessions about left and right i.e. he would have to begin going up the stairs on his right leg and if it didn't work out that he ended on the right leg he would start again, he would also do this going in and out of doorways, he also did not like specific numbers like 4 and 9 and if for example in maths at school he had to write a 4 he would write a tiny 5 underneath it to 'balance' it up. i know that sounds completely nuts on paper but it was his way of coping with a high level of anxiety at the time. he saw a psychiatrist for about a year about once a month and he was put on sertraline 5mg per day for about the same period- he found that it helped to relax him at the time. he was discharged from the psychiatrist a year and a half ago and had come off the medication a short time before that. she discharged him because he reported lessening symptoms and an ability to cope on his own without medication. he has not had any further symptoms and today reports no compulsions or obsessions- he says it seems to have faded away and he does not think of the obsessions anymore. we had the letter back from the medical officer at lichfield yesterday to say he was being refused entry because of the history of ocd. my son is devastated- he has not done very well at school, lives for army cadets and was pinning any hope of a successful chance in life on the army. his older brother is in the army already. i would be very very grateful if anyone could offer any advice or a chink of hope for him- the letter states that if there is any further evidence that proves he does not have the condition they would be prepared to review his application- would anyone advise me to try and get a letter from the original psychiatrist to state the facts of the case? and maybe an independant assessment from a private consultant psychiatrist to review his medical records and offer an opinion about the possibility of recurrence? and also maybe confirmation of his progress in army cadets? in hte original medical form and information it listed a number of conditions that would automatically preclude you from entry like asthma and psychiatric conditions etc. it did mention ocd but said you would not be automatically excluded if it was quantified i.e. time limited...which it was in this case. i do apologise for the length of this post and am grateful to anyone who has been bothered to read it all! but i would be SO grateful if anyone could offer some help.
many thanks in anticipation.
Skinn_Full said:
i have been advised in another board to post my query here as it is more appropriate..........

many thanks in anticipation.

I can't offer any help at all on this topic, but maybe someone else can, so BUMP!

Sorry to hear about your son's rejection.

Unfortunately, I can't see there being much that you or your son can do about it. You could try appealing but it's highly unlikely that the Careers people will change their mind. A better plan might be for your son to knuckle down at college or in a job for a few years and then apply again (assuming there has been no reappearance of symptoms). No symptoms, plus a good occupational/educational record, over a period of time will help.
thank you for taking the time to reply- i will take your advice on board.

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