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Hooked up with a girl with OCD last nite. She told me she was obsessed with doing everything alphabetically. So first we did it Anal, then she gave me a Blowjob, then I licked her Clit, and then I took her Doggie style. Then I got up and got dressed. She shouted, "What about E.?" I said, "I've done E sweetheart, I've Ejaculated." Now I'm doing F, G, and H..... Fucking Going Home
I dont have ocd I dont have ocd I dont have ocd I dont have ocd I dont have ocd

come on guys help me out here..................
I've got CDO. It's the same as OCD, but all the letters are in aphabetical order - AS THEY NEED TO BE!


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what does DNA stand for?

National Dyslexics Association.
my misses said I had OCD, I must have told ten million times I dont!!

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