OCD (please provide sensible answers, thanks)


im currently waiting for my medical records to come back and, i have a history of OCD (Obsession Compulsion Disorder) now i have been un diagnosed for about 3 years and off meds (setraline , SSRI) for 4. i was a very very mild case and the hospital i was treated at (as it was all based around anxiety and a phobia) said i shudnt have a prob getting into the Army.

The MoD Docs have already asked for more info on my meds records, with already seeing the supporting evidance that i have had from the Hospital. so if it was going to be a no it would of been by now rite?

Basicly im wodnering if i cans till get in with a history of VERY MILD OCD, im 18 and totally free of it now.

Any info from RMO's or SMO's would be greatly appreciated

thanks alot

tom c
I dont know it was 4 yrs ago when he was 14 when he stopped taking meds so basicallly a childhood disease .I guess all you can do is apply and see what they say . Though I would be inclined to agree with the above
sorry .
eddie937 said:
Would you honestly, hand on heart want someone running around under your command who had/has Obsession Compulsion Disorder?

I would honestly, hand on heart, find it hard to tell the difference! :lol:

Besides, it's the obsessive people in command that you want to watch out for! 8O
ok my phobia was for vomiting and being ill, which i was treated for, and for you info eddie, i have the exact same mental dexterity as anyone else, i jsut had this when i was a child. you cant disriminate me becuase of something i used to have.

besides i know i will make a good soldier.

thanks for answers so far, il jsut wait ans see what the MoD Docs say,
ok my phobia was for vomiting and being ill,
You had an irrational fear of being ill? (not taking the p1ss, genuine question)
yeah i did have a phobia of being sick, it all started when i was around 5 ish, when someone was sick in front me. But just recently somone was really sick infront of me, and instead of runnign away i got stuck in and helped out, inturn getting covered in it myself.

Well, no offence but thats sounds abit like an infantry thing and im joining the HCav, but i may be wrong. and no i wouldnt do that, not becuase of the condition i had but because its stupid.

lol, yeah true i suppose.
i suppsoe now (IF) i get in peeps are gonna be trying to avoid me cus of what i said on here, hmm maybe it was a bad idea asking for advce. dont worry as long as your not in HCav you'l be alright.

well, im just going to wait to see what the MoD Doctors say, please dont judge me on what you have read on here, i know more about HM Armed Forces that it appears, not trying to be big headed or anything.


oh about the cleaning thing, if i got HCMR at least i will be good at polishing my jackboots and my black kit!

tom_c said:
you cant disriminate me becuase of something i used to have.
It's not discrimination, it's a selection process. You don't have a right to join, whether you are fit or not and whatever your medical history. If you meet the criteria, you will be considered; if you don't, you won't.

Will you be asking us not to discriminate against you because you can't spell, punctuate or use grammar next?
yeah good point, well ok, lets close this topic and i will wait and see if i am accepted.

thanks anyway for all your input, good and bad


eddie937 said:
Tom c, one of the things you have to do when joining up is to get pi**ed, vomit into a pint glass, and drink it.
so do you still think you got what it takes to be a squaddie?
Don't worry Tom, it was only the going no-where losers that tried to make the sprogs do stuff like that in my regiment.
well if there are any Medical Bods out there could you give me you opnion please??

cheers for clearing that one up lobster! lol

hi all

i just got a phone call from the AFCO and i am going to get my letter tommorow, so i will write back on here and tell you whats happening.


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