Occupy Birmingham protester claiming to be ex-serviceman shocker

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by happyuk, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. I'm not an army guy but thought some of you might find this biased-BBC posting quite amusing.

    It's basically from the BBC West Midlands 9am phone-in show interviewing one of the Occupy Birmingham protesters who claims he is an ex-serviceman, but came unstuck when a real soldier phones in and asks him what regiment he was in.

    I think these protesters have been a bloody nuisance and what was particularly annoying is the way the leftist BBC let him spout his crap virtually unchallenged...
  2. Non of us are "Army Guys", we are soldiers FFS. I smell Journo.....
  3. I'm an Army gay if that helps? fuck off Jarrod:)
  4. .
    I don't even know what the Army is.
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  5. The first rule of the 42nd RGJ : You don't talk about the 42nd RGJ

    Opsec Chico FFS
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  6. So why the fuck are you on the Army Rumour Service?
  7. Why in the name of everything Holy would anyone want to 'occupy Birmingam'? If is was flatten/destroy/bomb Birmingham then I could have a degree of sympathy.
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  8. wouldnt make a differance mate birminghams a shit hole would look better bombed would improve the place and its shit ring road.
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  9. LOL ditto Bradford. For the 100th year running. You don't seem that bothered by it. I know I'd be complaining like fuck at the beeb for allowing some crusty to get the on the air in order to pretend he was in the Royal Green Jackets, just to score some cheap political points. In additional to allowing outright lies, it's terrible journalism.
  10. In order to implement The Final Solution, obviously.
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  11. If he was really in the RGJ, he wouldn't occupy Birmingham, he'd batter it to death with a shovel before escaping in his Mini-Moke. Everyone knows that, you were the only one he fooled.
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  12. So what you are saying son, is that you would like to out a walt. Is that it?
  13. I lifted this from the BBC website

    I've tried emailing ARRSE but I don't think their contact form is working properly (I get an odd message when I click send). Do you know anyone over there - perhaps from the old Royal Green Jackets or one of the new Rifles battalions - who might like to offer a comment about this?
  14. Yes. I think he needs walting big style. I met someone similar who was full of it, but was outed by some ex-squaddies who where with us. A simple "what regiment?" did the trick. But the beeb seem to be giving pricks like Chico free rein.
  15. I dunno, 'FUCK OFF JOURNO' seems predictable enough to me.