Occupiers Liability Acts 1957 and 1984


Is this the range near Dartford used by IBA and ILETA etc ? I came across this when looking to see if it is the council who own the Stone Lodge Range used by Shortty.

Those who followed the Shortty threads will know I posted pictures of the unlawful expansion made to the 6th Thanet Gun Range by undercutting the chalk quarry face target end 12 feet into the neighbour (Mr Bill True) land.

The true boundary was agreed between Mr True and surveyors acting for range freeholder Corpus Christi College (Woolleys land agents)

Corpus Christi gave Bill True wayleave to carry out corrective safety work using his JCB because he became liable under the above acts as were they for any accidents occurring to visitors or trespassers on his property

His property now including, , against his consent and 24 foot down a quarry edge, a number of targets to which members of the gun range were in fact trespasers on his property

The day of corrective work was notified to the Gun Club and Bill set to work. I also posted on threads the photos Bill took from his JCB cab when in defiance of the way leave the gun club turned up... set up left of arc to align with the JCB and kept firing. The Chief constable is still refusing to identify the armed support officer of Kent Police who boasted to a colleague of how he actually bounced bullets off the JCB bucket.

It occurs to me that unlawful expansion of a Dartford gun range took place a decade later but by then Kent Police knew they were getting trouble covering up about the 6th Thanet Range.

And what do we find in 2006 Dartford Council did what Thanet Council should have done against the 6th Thanet Range.

I was looking at writing to the owners of Stone Lodge Range and 6th Thanet Range (now closed) to bring them up to date re accounts on Arrse of the use IBA and ILETA made of ranges. To inform the owner for consideration against the Occupier Liability Act.


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