Occasional Business Insurance

We had a notice on Part ones regarding the above, if we don't have this for our cars or it hasn't been recorded in an FMT103 (?) we cannot claim RESPOD/HDT or whatever it's called this week let alone mileage for courses.

Anyone else heard this?
Business insurance is not required to claim HDT, but it is for all other MMA claims (less Posting / Leave journeys), as long as your HDT is from your residence to your normal place of work.
Claiming HDT for Regs then no business insurance required. If TA then they need business insurance as TA is not their "normal place of work"
Which throws another spanner in the works as currently it is mine.....
If you use your car to commute to/from a single place of work, you will be covered by your usual Social Domestic and Pleasure policy, regardless of whether this place of work is a barracks, TAC, or The Toolbox bar and nightclub...

Occasional Business Use (also know as class 1 businees) insurance covers you if you occasionally travel to other locations - e.g. meetings, courses, or the TAC (if the TAC is not your usual place of work). Given that an MMA claim is not HDT, you would need this type of insurance to conduct the types of journey covered by MMA.

Most insurance companies I've dealt with have not charged a single penny more for this.

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