OC who Served in WW 2 or Korea?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by old_bloke, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. Just reminiscing today about joining up in 1980 and wondering if there were any still serving (in a real job not a Field marshal) who were serving at that time.

    Does anybody know of the last serving Officer who saw active service in WW 2 or Korea for that matter?

    Old crusty QM or such :D
  2. There were certainly a number of Royal Scot officers serving in the early 80s who saw action in Korea,and the QM at IDB was an ex A&SH and he has the Korea pair and that was 1981.
  3. There was a Sgt in the RAF Aux in the late 80's who been in the RS Mor Pl
  4. The ancient one (father) was 19 when he went to Korea ( Leicester Tigers, seconded from RGJ) , he is seventy six now, last Tuesday in fact! His nickname out there was "Kid 36" due to his ability with the old Mills grenade.

    As he and his cronies were having a get together for the day I ratched about the net and found him a pristine example...he was made up with it....and the single Malt.

    This week my Brother rang for a natter, said he'd been round and the old one was showing the grenade off, he told me the ancient one was desperate for some Chav to break in the house (he sleeps downstairs, can't make it up the stairs and more due to asbestosis) as the guy comes into the room he wants to turn on the light and pull the pin saying "I'm glad you've come son, I didn't want to go on my own"

    Mind you he also has a Khukri and a couple of bayonets down the side of the chair as well just in case the little sh1t doesn't brick it and have a coronary on the spot.

    The old dog still has a bark....and a sense of humour. :)
  5. The TM of EMUOTC (I think) was RRW and had been in Korea; I remember him giving lectures at a central UOTC CMT week at Warcop in 1981/82, including what do do for real when you bump an enemy patrol: avoid s*** yourselves; look the other way; carry on: they'll probably do the same.

    My old mess sergeant (TA and horribly over age) had been a hussar and recalled hosing down other vehicles in his troop with the MG to remove Chinese/North Koreans. He later moved to Rhodesia, where he served with the Selous Scouts (armoured cars, not Reid-Daly's heavies) and then ended up as a bus conductor in a seaside town when Smith declared UDI. Great chap, usually referred to as the 'brigadier' as he was so much better spoken than us rough officer types. Butcher's apron medal ribbon usually drew favourable comments from visitors although drill with the SLR, rather than No4, used to confuse him and bar profits soared when he finally retired.
  6. There was a Flight Lieutenant at the MCTC in 1982 who had seen service on bombers in WW2. He loved to drink pink gins, only man I've ever met who really enjoyed them.
  7. I remember seeing an article, back in 1985/86, about a Sgt., in 2 Fld Regt RA, in Munster who was supposed to be the last serving regular soldier who had fought/served in the Korean War.

    I think the article was in Sixth Sense.
  8. Recruiting Sgt at ACIO Irvine were I joined up had been in Malaya (RHF) and a few of the defence couriers I worked with were in around that time 1 was a submarinar and his first boat was an ex-Uboat I think around 1949, Gill was an ex para and I'm sure he was at Suez this was late 90's and yes they were close to retirment but used to have a great laugh with them out on the runs
  9. Ten years before you I used to drive a Brigadier, He later became a Maj-Gen, I found out many years later that he was the young Officer who swan ashore prior to D-Day to recce the sand firmness,He was an out and out Gentleman of the old school.Oh.. and he was very much doing a real job at the time.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    About 1980, 15/19H said goodbye to the retiring OC HQ Sqn who had crossed the beaches as a private in the Cheshires on D-Day.
  11. Bramall, Roly Guy...all WW2 veterans
  12. My PSAO had been captured by the Chinese at Imjin. Never spoke about the bad bits, just tales of confusing the Communists by forming a hollow square around two guys miming a game of snooker, complete with third man scoring....or the parade to bury, with great ceremony, a small box. Much stamping and saluting, countermarching etc. Chinese storm in after the parade, confin them in the huts and dig up the box. message inside...... " Mind your own business."

    Great charachter, RIP George.
  13. AT HQ 1 (BR) Corps when I first arrived from the factory in '88 I saw the QM (Lt Col) with one. There was also a very old Gloucesters C\Sgt and I'm pretty sure he had one too.
  14. Poppy Travel recalls three :-

    1. The serving staff officer at the resources centre (library) in Camberley who had served with 170 Imjin Battery at the Imjen River.

    2. An elderly TIG (Commissioned Master Gunner) who served in Korea.

    3. Dining out a long service R Signals QM from 4th Armd Div HQ and Signals Regment who arrived in Herford with 11th Armoured Division in 1945. His met his wife when she was a Luftwaffe PW. Is that the last case of a serving soldier and his wife serving on opposite sides in WW2?
  15. How unusual - most seving soldiers are at war with their wives during peacetime!