Discussion in 'Officers' started by mr_pr, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    Can anyone define the job of OC TACP. I have found the previous thread on TACP and while that seems pretty clear cut other info i have read/ other peoples opinions don't quite fall in line.

    Is the OC TACP an FAC? Does he do the same job? Or is this an Admin and Air space management job?

    Got anyone on here that has been a or is OC TACP?

  2. OC TACP is a FAC, usually ranged capt/maj. The airspace management is done by the air defenders and or BALO/DALO, of course the FAC will manage his little bit of airspace, it wouldnt look good to fly a GR7 into a lynx would it - and the big sky little bullet principle is not favoured by aircrew. OC ?? TACP got an MC with 3 para last year I think - does that sum it up enough?

    I was an OC TACP - an absolutely brilliant job but very, very busy. Why dont you speak to your brigades current TACP and or JFACTSU.

  3. You may find that things are different now, retired bloke.
  4. Current OC TACPs here - always away filling "air cells" but the aspiration is to deploy them with their TACP. Yes to FAC trained (time permitting), as is your 2IC.

    The situation is similar to FOO (or now also FST) parties - the OC, the FOO, is the Officer in the party placed so as to act as the Manoeuvre Arm Commanders advisor on Joint Fires/Offensive Support (including air and aviation). The FOOs Ack is the technical guru and knows everything about gunnery and OP stuff. The FOO is there for 3 years tops and is the Officer interface needed to speak to the Company Commander or Squadron Leader - officially. In the TACP, the OC (Capt usually) is in position to do a similar thing air wise and will liaise with the Air Cell to arrange Air for the BG/Bde or whatever level he is at.

    Last time we deployed, the TACP linked to our Bde went out complete, but also on occassion left behind the OC to do the deconfliction, liaison etc.

    I would say that OC TACP is one of the best Officer jobs available, but is VERY busy. In the last year I have seen the current OC of local TACP for about 1 week total and 3 days of that was on a joint exercise we were on!! Exercise and deploy for:

    OSG (Offensive Support Group)
    Readiness reasons (to stay current)
    Anyone else who has requested Air support

    They are even busier than the OPs/FSTs (just).
  5. As a former (albeit recent) OC TACP and BALO in successive tours I can whloeheartedly reccommend all ALI jobs. From global liason visits from Vegas to erm......... Otterburn and the feeling of genuinely helping blokes in contact, FAC'ing is as mentally demanding as it is physically challenging. Ret'd Crab wasn't too far off, the BM (battlespace management) can be more dynamic now but in the main developements are more procedural and successive tours in Iraqistan are refining our processes further. Next stop DALO in Jan.

    Best of luck :D