OC 22 Signal Regt LAD REME in 1992-Elmpt-send locstat

right then gents/ladies
I am trying to get hold of the last OC LAD of 22 sig regt LAD when the regt was disbanded in 1992 in Germany. If anyone has any info on who it was and if so where I could get word to him it would very much be appreciated. the reason i am trying to get hold of him is that I am currently at afformentioned unit that has been reformed and it would be good to throw an invite to him for an event that we are running in the near future. If anyone has any info then please drop me a line.
thanks guys
Try asking your MCM Div (or whatever they are calling themselves at the moment).
roadster280 said:
22 Sig Regt would have been Lippstadt, not Elmpt. Colocated with an Arty regt, if memory serves.

Elmpt would have been full of crabs then as RAF Brueggen.
Correct - that was 49 Fd Regt RA now is suspended animation!
Capt. XXXX XXXX was the OC at the time of disbandment. Saw him last in Bosnia 98 then Major XXXX. If you manage to contact/find him please inform me as are planning a reunion in Lippstadt 2012.
Nice one trigger. Do you reckon he would be chuffed to NAAFI breaks to have his name scrawled over the fcuking internet?

Get his name off.
Try "The Craftsman". I think that they have a computer index of content so should be able to pick up any articles from 22 Sigs around that time which may include the name of OC LAD.
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