Obtaining WW1/WW2 Shoulder Flashes, Capbadges and Medals - Help Required

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by plant_life, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. I am after a bit of advise on obtaining some of the stuff mentioned in the title. My Grandad has got quite into our family history recently and dug out for some information on his Father (my Great Grandfather) who served in WW1 and then in the Home Guard in WW2. I want to get a presentation piece made up of the following but because of a huge family argument after my Great Grandfather died nobody knows where any of these items are:
    British War Medal
    Victory Medal
    National Defence Medal
    Hunts Cyclist Battalion cap badge and brass shoulder flashes
    Royal Warwickshire Regiment cap badge and shoulder flashes

    Any help who be very much apprieciated.

    Thanks, P_L.
  2. Are you after the originals or replicas?

  3. British Medals Forum • Index page Try here to ask about the missing DCM, Victory and War Medal if you are after the originals. However if they have been sold be prepared to pay a pretty penny to get them back.

    Google Museum Quality medals for replacement medals

    One cap badge here on EBAY. (do research if it's the right one)
    Hunts Cyclist Battalion cap badge

    WW1 CAP BADGE huntingdonshire cyclist battalion on eBay (end time 20-Jan-11 10:13:51 GMT)

    Royal Warwickshire Regiment
    WW1 THE ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT CAP BADGE BI METAL on eBay (end time 17-Jan-11 23:33:10 GMT)

    WW1 THE ROYAL WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT SHOULDER TITLE on eBay (end time 18-Jan-11 22:54:20 GMT)

    Have you seen this site?

    The Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalions
  4. Thanks a lot for the pointers guys. I don't think that the medals have been sold on. Originals would be good but I accept that decent quality may be very hard to find (or very expensive) so would settle for replicas. The main on I'm bothered about is the right Kings head on the DCM.
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  6. Cracking. I have my Great Grandfathers citation and date of gazette which helped quite a lot. He wasn't on the list on the forum link as he initially joined the Hunts Cyclist Battalion and then was transfered to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment prior to deploying on active service.

    Thanks again for all your help.
  7. Out of interest what are the criteria for the 1915 star. It says any theatre of the war; does this include UK service?
  8. You rang sir?

    Please note it is not the 1915 Star but the 1914-1915 Star. Will that be all sir?
  9. Oh and plant life, did your forebear serve with the Warwicks in WW1 or just in their Home Guard units in WW2 (it's The Defence Medal by the way too, not National Defence Medal!). If the latter you will want to get the right shoulder titles for that too I assume. Watch out for the dodgy repro ones available on e-bay!
  10. No, my forebearer came back to Cambridgeshire after WW1 and I believe that his Home Guard mob were capbadged HCB.