Obtaining historical property records - where do i start?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by CDT_Dodger, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. Does anybody know where I would even start to obtain archived records of property sales?

    I need to know how much a particular property was sold for around the years 1990-95 and any details around mortgages and re-mortgages against the said property.

    Why? – My old man croaked it a while back and the wicked stepmother is now playing the ****. Without going into detail, she basically said there was some skulduggery between my old man and his previous wife which involved the property but this was never mentioned to me during the last 20 odd years – strange that? She is making out that only x amount from the property sale was brought into their relationship and the fact that her greedy off spring are probably pulling her strings to spin shit to me.

    I just need to grab some evidence to shove into her face and call her bluff. I am willing to go down the private investigator route if need be but will pursue all other avenues at less cost first i.e. the internet and phone.

    Any advice in this area would be appreciated.
  2. Google the address.
  3. Are you for real?
  4. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Check Zoopla.

    Jarrod is correct, if you google the address it will probably be the first hit after google maps.
  5. Have you tried contacting the land registery in Lytham St Anne's?
  6. Yup.
  7. Yes guys - i have tried the whole internet trawl for info but the kind of information i am seeking would not be made available within the public domain. Another hurdle to cross are the dates, 90-95, this is of a time before the internet explosion and digitised data on a mass scale.

    I have also probed the land registry site but the data does not go back as far as the early 90's and does not provide any financial details such as mortgage details etc...

    Thanks so far for the input guys - including you jarrod :)
  8. Not sure if the information you require will be freely available on the Land Registry website.

    A few years ago I got details of my own and some nearby property from the LR. I think it cost £4 per property for a copy of their entry which included a plan. Also gave details of previous sales and any charges on the property such as mortgages or ground rents.

    I think I applied to a regional office rather than Lytham. Have another look at what the LR can offer.
  9. Providing you know the exact address you can pay the Land Registry for an index map search. From that you can pay the same organization for a copy of the Title Deeds.

    See this link for office details

    If the property is in Northern Ireland you need to contact these people:
    Land & Property Services
    Lincoln Building
    27 - 45 Great Victoria Street
    Malone Lower
    BT2 7SL
  10. Thanks solomon88 & Emsav - have looked a little deeper into the LR website and it looks like i need to obtain an historical Title Register search for the dates i am interested in.

    Looks like i need to perform an L13 search at £37 as well as an L4 search at £69.

    For anybody interested -this is the link although i dont know if they are part of the actual LR body:

    Land Registry: Search for Land Registry Title Deeds for Great Britain
  11. Have you tried the local archive? May find the address ect in your local library
  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the deeds should have the addresses of the solicitors (I think) and his mortgage papers should list the value vs the loan figures.

    often the neighbours remember that sort of thing.