Obtaining equipment ??? (Not a WAHHH !!!)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by SneakyTeen, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. First off this isnt a WAHHH im just curious :D
    So i see all these different pictures of troops in afgan and their all wearing different equipment i.e goggles, knee pads, elbow pads etc. And i was just wondering how you obtain differrent items do you buy them yourself, and if so, is there guidlines to follow or do you request them from the armourer and get given them for free??



    Edited to add: I ask this because I have osgood schlatters and when/if i get into the army i would want to know how to get some knee pads !
  2. If you need them you will be issued them.

    Okay, the Inf get issued them :roll:
  3. Everything required is issued (and then some). The deployed elements of the British Army are better equipped today than at any time in it's history.
  4. Initially I thought This must be a WAH but its a gen thing.

    Just a very quick read up on it tells you this "It mainly affects boys aged 10 to 16 years old and will clear up when they stop growing and the tendons become stronger, however, it can rarely persist into adulthood."

    However I suggest you speak to a Doc regarding this as your knees will take a bashing through out your career so going in with screwed up knees is going to be a pain (no pun intended)
  5. yes but it hasnt bothered me for 3 years now so im guessing ill be fine (and im on the medical stage ofthe entry process now with an interview tommorow so ill tell them then and see what they say) and the last time i had an X-ray i had finished growing, as i am a 6 foot 7 15 year old. :D
  7. In that case say nothing.

    No Wah 15 years old WTF???
  8. As has been said, everything you need is issued. If you have seen pictures of people wearing different things, it is most likely that they have been issued the kit but have decided to privately purchase something that does the same job. Reasons vary, but for fighting troops, comfort is often the deciding factor- kit does the same job as issued, but can be more comfortable to the individual wearing or using it.
  9. Meh ???
  10. You put 6'7" 15 year old? if thats the case what are you applying for?
  11. AFC Harrogate :D
  12. can someone possibly tell me which company makes the issue elbow and knee pads? trying to sort some out but dont want to look to gucci.
  13. cheers but he wont give me them as he'll say i dont need them (im a recruit) and maybe really i dont (im a recruit). ive been advised to get some as apparently a particular corporal has us crawling through all sorts of crap in a few weeks, ive seen the others wounds, it looks nasty. ive got a bad habit of getting loads of gucci gear and trying to cut down, figure issue ones will blend in nicely.
    and yeah thats me,400 not out.
  14. Stop worrying about gear,get through your training first .In my intake there where 97 on day one at JLRRAC. Two years later there were 13. 4 had been killed in training or car smashes. If you need it ,it will be issued.
  15. You should get together with Lewis and Futuregrunt. If the three of you pooled your IQs, you might actually achieve double digits.
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