Obtaining a reference for past Civil Service employment

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Blogg, Jun 4, 2013.

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  1. Many years ago (1985) Mrs B. was a uncivil servant. However she saw the error of her ways after a few years and set off to the temples of mammon, for which I remain very grateful for wholly selfish reasons.

    Now she has landed a new job with an outfit that requires for entirely valid reasons full references from every single job a prospective employee has ever had.

    No problem, apart that is one: getting any form of reference from her Civil Service days long, long ago. She has this afternoon been getting the royal run around from her old department, who eventually said that the whole thing has been outsourced to an outfit called Civil Service Resourcing, so nothing to do with them.

    And they cannot give out any contact details.

  2. Which CS department?

    This is about CS Resourcing:
    Civil Service Resourcing - Civil Service

    But each department may still do things differently, eg for MoD references can be obtained from DBS HR
    (However before they release any info they will need a consent form from the former employee)
    DBS HR
    0800 345 7772
  3. About as low as you can get: the artiste formerly known as the Inland Revenue, now the omnishambles that is HMRC.