Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Lawnt, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Seven years ago, as a youngish, fit and energetic nurse I was taken by the idea that I wanted to use my knowledge and skills to support the various deployments of the British armed forces. But because I had been prescribed an inhaler once (which I hardly used and then only to help with my cycling habit!) I was rejected from the TA QARANC.

    In the last few days, as an overweight, relatively unfit, knackered but still enthusiastic nurse I finally made it past the medical and am now just waiting for security clearance before I can pull a green suit for the first time since 1980.

    Persistence pays off. Big thanks to the ROSO of the unit I have joined who has given good advice, listened carefully and has supported my application. Right from the start I feel like I want to do my very best to justify the efforts he has made on my behalf.

    To everyone I'm going to meet over the next few years, hello - I'm looking forward to working with you wherever and whenever world events/government policy and shameless pestering take me.

    Any hot tips for getting through the training phase asap so I can get to the business end?
  2. Freudian slip? :wink:
  3. curses

    a freudian slip is of course when you mix up one word with amother
  4. Now that is Freudian...
  5. Good luck to you, I wish you the best of luck for the near future.
  6. Best of luck and just keep your head down. Before you know it, you'll be through the training and out doing the job. :)
  7. a few weekends away, followed eventually by

    one week at Sandhurst


    one week at Keogh

    dont panic - as long as you can 'stroll in a gentlemanly manner' you'll be fine
  8. great! another fine figure to don the uniform of our countrys Armed Forces!
  9. Surely can't be any worse than some of the examples we see day to day?
  10. thats true, but at least most of them porked out after theyd joined and not before!!
  11. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail perhaps?

  12. Am still trying to work out if its some kind of boast! (as opposed to Boost which is a chocolate bar and from the sounds of things he is no stranger to!)
  13. You're just upset coz you'll be wearing the same cap badge as him in the near future.

    Did i say you?
  14. well thanks lads - irony lost on you then

    if it helps I've lost half a stone already and can do the fitness tests easy

    I was trying to point out the irony of it, when I tried to get in first off I was dead fit; cycled 200 miles a week, ran etc but some GP had prescribed me an inhaler after I had a nasty bad chest and that meant i had the 'asthma' label and therefore was deemed unfit. That was 6 years ago and I'm p*ssed off that I have missed being in the TA for them.

    p.s. hate boost bars
  15. I think it's just easier to join now, as I was accepted as fully fit:

    I, in a moment of madness, decided to join the TA due to missing the "good times" of the regular Army. Despite my creaking, arthritic knees (after a fracture involving a 6ft wall and a bergan), and an inability to see at night, I still managed to pass the medical, fully fit (I intended to join the TA as my old category P3LE (which was due to the eyesight)).

    In fact, the only reason I never joined was because of the admin of the unit I was planning to join (also a medical unit, in North Wales somewhere) was a shambles.

    Anyway, congratulations on finally getting accepted, but I doubt it was a result of persistence, more than likely it was a result of the fact that the whole Armed forces are failing apart and Tony is in need of a few more blokes. Which I think is also why they keep sending me letters asking me to join back up, too.

    Anyway, enjoy, and no doubt , one day I'll get (in)voluntarly mobilised as an ex-regular reservist, we'll bump into each other.