Obstacle course at FAM visit...

Hi everyone

As your advice has been so helpful in the past (as well as incredibly sarcastic and rather amusing), I thought I would ask another question.

I am going on a Royal Artillery FAM visit at Larkhill in July and have just had the itinerary sent via email.

I have passed AOSB Briefing but struggled whilst there with the obstacle course...although I passed, this was something that was brought up in my final debrief and is something I have been told to work on (upper body strength etc).

It has only been a couple of weeks since my Briefing and I have been working on this but am obviously not substantially stronger and yet have just learnt that there will be an obstacle course at the FAM visit as well and am worried that I am going to perform badly.

Does anyone know if it is the same as the one at Westbury and what will happen if I do badly?

Thank you all in advance,

Ill be at that fam visit too. Dont worry about the pt or obstacle course. its not a pass or fail, its just a chance to try it all out. If you fail miserably, or hate it all (which is really unlikely if you passed your briefing stage), then it gives you the chance to think seriously whether or not being an Army/Artillery officer is right for you.

see you there.
If you fail at anything or everything it sounds like your in the right Corps!!!
I was pretty much in the same situation as you when I attended. I was told my obstacle course at brief wasn't great and didn't have too much time to sort this out before my fam visits. This visit was hard! We did the assault course countless times, with masses of pressups inbetween and at every opportunity. The actual assault course wasn't too bad as you were doing it as a team but try and push your fitness, and practice press ups.
Oh no, the thought of 'loads of press ups in between' worries me. Working on this and increasing week on week but not there yet!!!
That 100 pressups app is good! Also see if you have a circuit class nearby?
Don't worry too much about it, it was more just a punishment then a test...if your group doesn't **** up anything the PTI invents for you to do you might get away lightly ;)
Hi Bex,

I did the Artillery Fam visit a couple of months ago and found the obs crs very cheeky! Was riddled in rope burns and bruises afterwards and wandered if it was me just being a wimp. Have since spoken to quite a few others that have done it and they all said the same.
At one point we were told to do 140 press ups in one go due to people having hands on hips, the PTI didn't even really watch us and wasn't overly fussed on technique, they look more for determination I think. You just need to think of it as a couple of hours of your life, grit your teeth and do it.
Overall it was a really good visit so don't let the obs crs worry you.


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