A Person has 2 slots on their FAC for .450/577 & .577 Snider.

The person purchases 2 said guns off ticket one at an auction, one from a private individual, No paperwork involved because they are Sect 58 obsolete calibre.

That person Informs the police that he has entered them on his certificate. having the 2 slots for .450/577 & .577on their FAC

Do the police need to know from whom the obsolete calibre firearms were purchased. I dont think so but would like a definitive answer.
Best thing is to take it in to an RFD whereupon they book it out to the owner. It starts the paper chase off nicely without misunderstandings. This is more a recommendation than specific advice based on law.


I don't think there is a definitive answer. Its one of the many aspects of firearms law where "they" just didn't anticipate the situation.

I've asked police several times about what happens when you move .450/577 on and off ticket, or if you have one of each, or - if you own one off ticket, but happen to have an FAC slot for that calibre, does the off ticket automatically become on ticket. Perhaps the trickiest is if you own one on-ticket, but then sell it to someone off-ticket, etc..

Its also great that most of the weapons are "NVN" - no visible number - anyway!

The last FEO I put the question to put his hands over his face and said: "Nooooo. I don't know. Ask me one on trout fishing!"...

As Ooooh-M infers, if someone comes to me (RFD) with the problem of going "off-ticket", I just write the transaction into my register with a description of what has occurred. At least then there is a formal record if the weapon has left the police database to go off-ticket, same as if it had been scrapped or de-acted. Similarly, I record the acquisition of an off-ticket weapon (ie to be transferred on-ticket) with a description but no seller details - much as with a "hand in".

At least with hand-ins it is quite clear in law that the RFD is specifically not required to (a) ascertain the identity or address of the donor (sensibly intended that way to encourage handing-in of weapons), or even (b) to notify Police with the details of the weapon. Ergo, any off-ticket weapon could just be treated as a hand-in anyway.


No they don't. I am in exactly this situation (with these two calibres as well). Fill in your FAC with the date, name and address is you, whether sold let on hire etc write transfer, firearm details, authority to possess is sect 58 and then sign it.

Then just send off the notification with the caveat that you will inform them when you return the firearm to sect 58 status.
I met somebody whose plod insisted he keep 3 identical M-H's:

1x for live fire (in the safe);
1x for blank fire (in the safe) - he's a re-enactor;
1x wallhanger.

When pressed as to why he couldn't use the same for live and blank, FEO said "cos you might mix up the ammo"......


I had a similar problem with a client, he had off ticket in france a 2 shot auto 12 and an Erma .22rf rifle, he simply brought them into the country already entered on his new Surrey FAC and that was on advice of Surrey Plod!

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