Observer: MoD vows to crack down on sexism

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Here we go again!

    full article

    Equality and Human Rights Commission

    BAFF - Fairness - equality & diversity index
  3. Give the job to a retired SIB bloke that'll fix it.
  4. ok, bullying - in any form - is not nice.

    However, why do we need (probably very expensive) research to tell us this? and to specifically pick up on "sexism"?

    This sort of stuff, if inappropriate, should (and can) be delt with at a local level. If people still aren't happy there is a chain of command which they can use if they feel it is necessery.

    Of course the boundery between bullying and banter is a fine line and the subjects of such banter/bullying are far more varied than just "sexism". Yet, various forms of banter would probably appear to be "bullying" to outside "reaserchers."

    I would also wager that, more often than not, bullying would be challenged at a low level. Extensive widespread bullying I would guess is not that common.

    The generic questions to ask after any "research" such as this are:

    "who stands to benefit?"

    "how much did this cost?"
  5. So, no more 'Raggy Bun-Head' then

    Ho hum.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Bit of a tricky one that. Try as hard as they like, they've still got tens of thousands of testosterone-fueled and under-sexed teenage soldiers on the books.

    They'll have about as much luck stopping boys being boys as they will stopping drugs getting into prisons . . . . . oh, they can't!
  7. Crackdown on human behaviour? They'll be trying to crack down on MoD guard dogs sniffing each others doggy hoops next.

    I'm getting really bored of all this PC shite. If you read in the Daily Mail next week that an ex squaddie was arrested for cracking one off in the middle of the street in broad daylight then that'll be me.
  8. And remember guys, no bad words at work any more either. MOD approved profanities are limited to dang, darn, heck and in extreme cases, poot.

    Whatever will they 'crack down' on next!
  9. Ohhhhh Here we go!

    All this and more whilst fighting a war so bad that Generals are having to give up their Boot Bullers...

    Priorities in the right place... "Get in there!"

    If it really is a clamp down on "Sexism" then why is the data about WOMEN in the armed forces rather than PEOPLE.

    There is probably some Fat Tart sat in the MOD getting no rude gestures because she is a Pig ugly Skip licking Munter and is now getting a bit jealous.

    I mean for feck sake most of the so called Birds are worse than the lads. One of SPS Birds in the RAO's used to send me regular Picture messages of her gash and offer it on a plate more times than I cared to remember. It peshed me off but one of the lads always appreciated the Poor mans Porn so I never told her to stop.

    Get real - They're big Girls and Boys in the Armed forces and contrary to the thoughts of some Quango they can take care of themselves!!!
  10. The ironic thing is that female soldiers just love to be fcuked.
  11. I thought it was the texture of the issued hessian underwear that appealed? 8O
  12. Everyone is just so sensitive nowadays.
  13. Try working for the menopausal manic in charge of my team. I spend all day rebuilding other peoples lives because of this incompetent waster.

    I've never seen, nor practised, her style of management before and the way she treats women is a disgrace. I had a big run in with her a while back and I gave her a serious roll call.

    The result, she has engineered the other managers at my level to ostracize me - well, I couldn't give a toss - I'm a country boy and used to living on my own. Poxy civvies.
  14. In some cases but generally they like a good hard ploughing through followed by a few days without a shower to remember you by. Dirty Wraaaaacs. Ploughed through one dirty jock wrac so relentlessly once she left skid marks on my sheets. Deeerty cow.