Discussion in 'Gunners' started by robbo9, May 21, 2006.

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  1. this seems really interesting, has any one got any views or experiences on this job?
  2. Great job!

    Did it for years!
  3. Same here, best job iv'e ever had, varied, interesting, challenging, rewarding you name it its got it..

    It takes a certain type though, i started on the guns and then moved into it, i dont know if it still happens like that now .....
  4. You certainly did, didnt you.

    I will always remember a certain tour in a certain country that involved you, a crate of beer, and balls of steel.

    Any how back to the subject,

    Great Job, Good integration with teeth Arms, Away more than the Gun End (Double Edged though)
    Your own boss.

    Get to blow Sh!t up using; Jets, Artillery, Battleships, Mortars, to name a few.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Good Points - Awesome job if you have a good FOO, lots of time in the field, mix with other arms, out of the BSMs clutch for a long period. Often get to "attack" the Gun Posn on Ex.

    Bad Points - When you get back you get spammed "cos you have done nothing" When the BSM asks for a Bdr and 3 Gnrs from the gun end and the OP that narrows it down a bit.
  6. Bang on EX-BQ, when i did the OP's we used to leave it till the last possible time to join up with the guns. Had some great times but mixed with a lot of graft. I remember an Eagles Smoker in Hohne on Regt Ex when every crew had to do a skit. We wrtote a song (All i ever do is make a brew) ripping the sh*t out of the BC, BSM, Battery Guide and the OP Officers. Top song, won the crate of beer with ease.

    You know what, i still know the whole thing off by heart after 20 odd years
  7. echo everyone...great job that can lead to better things IMO
  8. I hate to butt in.......but with regards to the OPs' treatment by the BSM... (of which I was the recipient of on a number of occasions) IMHO things have certainly moved on. When I did my tour as BSM, myself and two of the other BSMs were ex OPs. The majority of BSMs these days fully understand the role of the Tac Group and treat them exactly the same as the strike guys.

    Having spent the majority of my career in the Tac Group I can fully reccomend it, if, you are willing to spend a lot of time away from camp, pull your weight, and work in a small detachment. Not everybody is suited (nor able!!) to be an OP, but if it flicks your switch.....go for it!!
  9. Top job. Top blokes usually too and a great way to get your quality noticed by the head shed. I still get/send a christmas Card from my Ack - which is a working and later friendly relationship going back fifteen odd years. He is now an LE...
  10. dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah dah dah dah

    Sitting at the OP one day I saw a terible sight......

    I have forgotten most of the words, including the lines that referred to my own foibles.

    You didn't mention the gluewein fuelled night shoots.
  11. dah dah dah dah, dah dah dah dah dah dah

    Sitting at the OP one day I saw a terible sight......

    I have forgotten most of the words, including the lines that referred to my own foibles.

    You didn't mention the gluewein fuelled night shoots.[/quote]

    Best line and the one that brought the house down aimed at the Battery Guide, went something like this (and i'm sure it will ring a bell)

    "All he wanted was them covered in hay, now they do a pack lift everyday and all i ever do is make a brew"

    I remember how we laughed as we passed the Gun Position in the hay field. A nightmare for the Gun Crews in the making.

    As for the booze fuelled nightshoots, i wonder if they could get away with it these days. I remember the Co at the time, used to drive in front of us and jump out with the famous quote "Clank clank i'm a tank and your dead" then the impending night tab across the impact area tripping over blinds in the pouring rain. This might sound crazy but they were great times that i miss like mad.
  12. Can you do this job in the Para role? If so i'd expect the only battalion to do this is 4/73? Please correct if wrong!
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    I wouldn't say that too loudly around 7 Para RHA if I were you!
  14. Whats the difference between an Observation Post and a Special Observation Post, then? A flushing lav and running water probably isn't the answer, is it?
  15. Almost all Field Btys will have about 3 OP parties, each of which will have at least one Ack (and probably a flaggie trained as an ack as well).

    There will also be a BC's party, with the senior Ack of the Bty, usually a Sgt in each Bty.

    Specialist units such as 4/73 have some extra OP teams and thus extra OP Acks.