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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by hardcore92, Jan 3, 2010.

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  2. Its a pretty good job . You will end up for starters as a signaller within an FST, your out on the ground. You need to be pretty fit as well. Once youve done a few years and a few courses.Your the FST commanders right hand man, you will be calling in arty,GMLRS. You could end up on the FAC course at a later date. Op Ack is one of the best jobs in the Royal Regiment.Dont know about 7RHA though.
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  4. Im sure there is one or two snipers kicking about that were Op acks but I would think they belong to 4/73 Bty. You dont really do ''recce'' although a few FST's do get attached to recce regiments In afghan,however your not trained in ''recce'' .Your role would be to provide OS fires to the guys on the ground your attached to. That in itself means you need to have good Inf skills as your are at the business end of the OS chain.

    I recommend it as a great job.
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  6. I think you might be getting slightly confused with Sphinx bty; an OP ack accompanies the FOO and the primary role is to direct supporting fire onto target, as such you'll be at the front and need to have a good level of fitness and fieldcraft.

    If recce and observation posts and sh1tting in a bag grabs you more then have a look at 4/73.

    Edit; beaten to it by Widow :)
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  8. H92...It's highly unlikely you'd ever get to do a sniper course, you're a Gunner! SAA course would be your best option some years down the line. Besides, your potential role as an OP Ack will keep you more than busy enough should you pass the course. As for your having shin splints and deciding 7 RHA or 4/73 is the easier option, then think again?? You'll have to sort out that attitude long before you join, or i suspect you won't even pass basic, and that should be your primary goal at this point...Once you've done that, then the world is your oyster!!!

    Good luck!
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  10. just concentrate your efforts on completing basic first. Ask lots of questions, then see where that takes you?
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  12. My last post on the subject...You're putting the cart before the horse! Your questions are irrelevent at the moment, as you haven't even started basic! When you start basic, they will give you the full low down on what's open to you. From there you'll be able to make an informed decision on your future career in the Gunners, assuming you actually pass out!!!

    Once again good luck.
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  14. I was an OP ACK instructor but i've been out for 25+ yrs.

    The Stats for WW11 and Korea were once you started work, ie. directing fire life expectancy was between 30 and 60 mins, as without you bringing down fire, they felt "safe" so once your position was identified they did their best to neutralise you.

    Keep your spirits up and your head down, have a nice day.
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