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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pompeyfan, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. Anyone else remember "Big Jim and the Figaro Club"?

    Or, failing that, "Little Armadillos"?

    I only ask because my mates think I make this stuff up.
  2. You made those two names up didn't you?

    EDIT to add;
    I apologise.Having Googled the names they did exist.Never heard of them though.
  3. Actually, no. You can check them out on tinternet, but has anyone other than me actually WATCHED them? Mate.
  4. No. There was only one viewer which is why the shows were cancelled.
  5. Big Jim and the Figaro Club is on Youtube.

    Brilliant series.

    "One calls on Figaro, every bugger calls on Figaro."
  6. 'Turtles Progress' with Turtle and Razor Eddie - in each episode they open a different safe deposit box that they'd accidentally nicked from the heavy mob who'd originally stolen them. Only 1 series made, which was a shame.
  7. Only found parts 1 & 2 for Hearts of Oak on Youtube so far. Has anyone found the rest of that episode?
  8. No, not a walt. I was actually there. Watching this stuff. Maybe I'm just old.
  9. The adventures Pete and Pete, a children's programme that attempted to solve some of the greatest mysterys in the world, such as where do ice cream men go in the winter? And what do school bus drivers do until the end of school? Not that i lead an empty life or anything but i still rue its cancellation.
  10. I is a big armadillo! i remember me
  11. Thanks J2429. Nice to know someone appreciates Figaro!!! You've made my day.
  12. I remember The Rat Patrol, late sixties, LRDG type plots with the obligatory Yank, also a Saturday morning kids prog called either Zocko or Whammo where the little five minute episodes were selected by a pinball machine.
    Plus in 1979 Cowboys with Roy Kinnear as a dodgy builder, hence the name.
  13. Roy Kinnear!!! Good Lord - forgot about him.

    You'll remember the Woodentops (with Spotty Dog FFS), the Thunderbirds first time around, Andy Pandy, Bill and Ben and Weed, and also HR Puff n Stuff, The Banana Splits, Space 1999, Swapshop, Screen Test and possibly Marine Boy (goggle eyed blue outfit wearing Jap cartoon character).

    Did Jim ever Fix It For You?
  14. Captain Pugwash with Seaman Stains and Master Bates ... classic .... cardboard cut out figures courtesy of Oliver Postgate who also made Noggin the Nog .... tales of the Norseland ... gosh that is going back a few years.