Obscure sexual practices

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by whit_RE, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Actually came across one the other day that I's never heard of 8O

    Apparently 'wolf-bagging' is when a gay man 'strangles' his partner whilst backscuttling him. This causes the 'victim' to choke, which in turn causes the sphincter to contract, increasing the pleasure for the 'stabber' 8O :?

    Was thinking of trying this on the missus but i'll probably forget to stop strangling... :twisted:

    Anybody else heard of this...or anything worse? :lol:
  2. not as worse but i like tea-bagging my missus
  3. I think the proper term for this is Auto-Arrsefictiation.

    I like to wear a gimp suit whilst the midgets from next door come round and smash me in the face with cricket bats. For variation, I sometimes get them to cme round with baseball bats, irons, golf clubs (9 irons) or a bag of potato crisps.

    It doesn't actually bake my cookies, but it hurts alot, which is nice in a special kind of way. It makes me feel that I am doing my penance for having bad thoughts . . . about you mostly.
  4. Wolf-Bagging....Just put it in to the urban dictionary and came up with different varients but the best I found was -

    " The act of going out into the woods armed with a Tesco bag and trying to trap a wolf within."
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  5. Well I would firstly like to say hello, and ask that you go easy on me as this is my first post. I just wanted to say that yes I have indeed heard of wolf baggin. I refuse to comment on if I have tried this rather interesting sexual act. But I was lead to believe that wolf bagging was whilst indulging in a bit of back skuttling you proceed to ram your fingers down your partners throat to make him/her gagg causing the sphincter to contract. But hey I am mearly a woman and dont know to much about these vulger sexual acts. P.S janieo would you need to use a tesco bag for life or would one of their freebies bags do?
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  6. Welcome to Arrse.

    Er, different names, different games I suppose. Whatever turns you on...
  7. A bag for life would be stronger ! as I always have holes appear when I get back to my car after shopping with the freebie ones losing half of my goods !

    Welcome TIT-HEAD to the arrse :wink:
  8. i remember when the missus had our first i found i had a bit of a thing for breast milk!! 8O strange but it was a turn on while it lasted!
  9. So do I. By the way, that's a lovely house you have.
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  10. Thank you for the welcomes.

    Another interesting sex act is one known as tromboneing. basically the girl/guy stands behind their partner licks their hoop whilst w*nking them off, kinda looks like your playing the trombone (so im told;)) so hmmm obviously where the name came from.
  11. Surely TIT-HEAD must be some form of sexual act :?

    If it isn't can we make one up? :lol:
  12. Let me know your ideas bullet, and I will try them out. Pics to follow haha surley thats fair?
  13. The only thig I can think of is the male wears his partners breasts as a hat while doing the dog/cat/rabbit etc up the wrongun.

    Or is puting breasts on your head a bit sick?
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    There is a rather good account of that in "Picking Up The Brass" ;)