Obscure request.

Does anyone have any info, on the Opepration Sealion wargame run by sandhurst lots of years back?

Or do they know if there's been a detailed write up of that game? If so, where can I obtain a copy?
Check out the Channel 4 website/archives ,they ran a series I believe called 'Home Guard' and im pretty sure one of the episodes featured a very large portion on the Operation Sealion wargames conducted in 1974. The following is an extract from a review of the aforementioned programme;

"Part 2 examined the defences that were to be manned by the Home Guard, and included a walk-through of several areas of defensive lines, with many features still evident today. Of particular interest was the discussion of the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst's 1974 wargame reconstruction of Operation Sealion, the German plan to invade Britain"


Good Luck!
This was written up by Richard Cox, as 'Operation Sealion', published (in paperback) by Arrow in 1982, first published by Thornton Cox in 1975. ISBN 0 09 928440 5.

That should help you find a copy. My copy's a bit knackered, but it's still a well written story.


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I am sure there is a thread about this here in ARRSE somewhere - almost certainly this forum. Not that long since something was posted - this summer - try the first half dozen pages.

Thread is called Operation Sealion, bottom of index Page 5, running to six pages. (I haven't actually checked, but my memory serves me well.)

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