Obscure fascist group......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hansvonhealing, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. Trying to access this sent my work PC's nannyware berserk. Big red screen, 'access denied', etc. Be careful if you have nannyware too.
  2. We have covered this before - Isn't the "Glorious leader" an ex-Jacket?
  3. Extreme!!
  4. oldbaldy

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    Bliddy hell. Had my speakers up too loud!
  5. cpunk

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    Now that is funny :D Oswald Mosley must be spinning in his grave.
  6. Isn't the "Glorious leader" an ex-Jacket?
    True PTP, and the previous 'great leaders' bodyguard.......Wonder how he got the present job?
  7. Gob smacked
  8. They want to unite Ireland...with Eire coming under Britsh rule too!
  9. nice.

    uber British RailNazi walt

    its difficult to make any kind of coherant political analysis, apart from that such a 'party' can only be populated by the saddest, most patheticly bitter knobbers ever to have missed their greatest service to humanity by being aborted.

    ooohhh, they have a 'POW' fund - odd that they don't say who their 'POW's are, must be just an admission....

  10. Kevin Quinn lives with his wife and four children in Bedfordshire. He was born in Northampton in 1965. He first became involved in the November 9th Society at the age of 16, quickly becoming involved in all aspects of the Party.

    He studied History and then Sociology at University, and then did a two year diploma in Computer Science.

    Kevin Quinn joined the November 9th Society only four years after it was formed and has risen through the ranks to become party leader, with the rank of National Director. Before becoming the leader Kevin was the previous leader's (Mr. Flynn) personal body Guard and commanded the security section for well over 10 years, as well as designing for the propaganda section and instructing other prospective bodyguards and officer candidates.

    Kevin became National Director in January 2000 when the Kommandant 8O asked him personally to lead the party. Since becoming party leader Kevin has been uncompromising in his approach to Asylum, Immigration and Zionism and has publicly stated on many occasions, that he will never sacrifice any National Socialist principle to gain public support. His attitude is and has always been, "If you are National Socialist, join us, if you are not, get out of our way!"

    The National Director has final say over all issues that affect the November 9th Society and its members. However, he may consult with and listen to Brigade leaders, but the final decision rests with him.

    Apart from the running of the November 9th Society, Kevin used to compete in marathons and over the last 23 years has completed over 43. Kevin used to be in the Royal Green Jackets (TA) where he ran for the battalion on many occasions and also fought in kick boxing events
  11. Good grief!
  12. I'm waiting for 'Herrenblokes' contribution......
  13. That was disturbing. Though one or two of their less extreme ideas did seem like a good idea. All school leavers doing a 6 month stint in the Labour service to help them understand their role in society (something a lot of youths these days are lacking). Their proposed treatment of OAPs was also very good. Saying that though, I am in no way condoning or advocating their other more extremist views or indeed the party itself.
  14. Herrenbloke is currently busy on the 'Indoctrination' thread, arguing with the mods. I'll nip round and tell him to stop being naughty and get over here where he's needed.