Obscure and dog sh*t courses

Sitting at tea and toast one morning the subject of obscure and dog sh*t coures'e came up. and how that you dont see anyone going on course's like Unit Repairer, Unit Projectionist and the good old favourite Water duties and Rat catcher.
What is the worst course that you,ve done or heard about.
The ring piece repair course! I failed because my tounge was too short!
.....Thank fcuk :D
All Arms Mess Tin Repair Course
AbsoluteJEM said:
Mule packing course has to be a favourite.
not fudge packing then :?: :?: :?: :?:
Ill have you know the Unit Projectionist course I did was the best course I ever did..... well the bar at the unit, let me pay for rounds of drinks on my Naffi Charge Card! but this was a lot of years ago.
My bonest ever course was COSHH. A waste of two years of two days of my life, staying in that bone NATO Mess in Sennelager, being instructed to by a couple of dickhead Medics who thought (and were wrong) that they were funny. Best course was SAT Custodian, again at Sennelager. I love the SASC. They are truly the Armys comedians....

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