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Obscene Phone Calls

I got to think that Alexander Graham is rolling over in his grave at what has become of his great invention..

Current business projections on ' new developments' with cell/mobile phones indicates that it could be a $ 500 million a year ' windfall'..

Now that we have the proverbial picturephone/camera bit.. there are the usual bunch of forward thinkers who have jumped on the new trechnology with a vengeance.. You can, of course, now download your own ' individualized' ringtone [ mostly tinny snatches of current pop tunes] but, in addition to that you can now download- as a ' ring /alert ' pithy coments by Donald Trump, Christina Aguillera and a host of others.. [ at a modest licencing fee ] plus.. and here is the kicker.. you can get ' pornophones '..

Instead of a ring it croaks up with a aural orgasm..so, when you're at that important business meeting and the wifey phones to say bring home some milk you get a breathless whore gasping " Yes!. OH, Yes!.. Do it to me! Harder, Deeper !'

and, along with that ' sexy ' ring you can get 30 seconds of streaming video of the actual deed..
At the recent TIFF [ Toronto International Film Festival to the uninitiated ].. thery debuted 30 second ' shorts' - film projects filmed, edited and contained all in the cell phone [ which can upload ' commercial bite sized ' digital video ]..

Now you can have that favourite girl phone in a ' come to me now' message with ' graphics' to accompany the request..

Porn film makers are gearing up to offer downloads direct to your phone ..you pay a small monthly fee, dial a specific number and ' voila' there before you the latest top tottie doing the dirty so you can watch while calling home to say you'll be late...

talk about convergence and ' wired' universe...

next up.. unsolicited spam and 'important' announcements sent to your phone at random..phone blockers available at a modest extra cost..

So... which one of you has jumped on the bandwagon?.. who has opted for the ' latest ' technology - just to keep ahead of the business curve?

And who was smarter than everyone and invested their mutual funds in the porn/phone industry when everyone else was laughing about it?
[ sadly - not me ]
Bollocks to that. Mine does phone calls and texts. And that's it. If I need to take a message I use a notepad and pen.

It's bad enough wondering what I might have gotten up to last night and having it slowly come back to me over the course of the day. I'd rather not have photographic evidence of my attempt to snog a right fittie, who turned out to have been chased round all night by a team from the RSPCA trying to push her back down the beach.
putteesinmyhands said:
The next development has to be where the caller chooses the ringtone that plays on the recipient's phone. Whichever firm comes up with that first will make a fortune.
already doing it i believe called dialler tones..could be wrong though

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