Obligation for the provision of sports & fitness facilit

Does anybody know of any "official" documentation or references regarding the obligation for a CO or unit to provide some form of sports and fitness training facilities?

The unit I am serving with has a gym but is has been closed for 6 months and will not open for another 6. There are no running tracks,sports fields or any sporting/training facilities other than running around the camp perimeter road (at your own peril).

As there is no provision for training - as there is no qualified PTI either, can I apply for an official waiver for the APFT/CFT for those serving here?

I run my BFT sub 9 min and get green all the way on the APFT. I'm not looking for the waiver, more how to get around the total lack of training facilities for the serving pers here.

Having to pay to even play friendly game of footy gets to be a pain after a while.
Try JSP 315, it gives various scales of entitlement for facilities etc. Also the Field Army Training Manual (FATM) (I think) lays out the number of periods of PT a soldier should undertake per week. It is something like one 40 min session per day except for one day per week which should be a double period for endurance training.

Don't forget that the BPFA is only an assessment not a test. The only test is the CFT (in all its guises).

I gather a similar problem is looming at the MOD. As part of the rebuild of the Main Building a PFI has been let on the new gym. This will cost the luck workers in suits the princely sum of £30 per month (to maintain compulsory fitness).

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