OBL Moves to Iraq ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Aug 8, 2005.

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  1. Wouldn't the "coded electronic signals" (if they actually exist) on which this story is purportedly based be classified?

    From whom did the anonymous author of this story get this hot tip?

    I've read a number of "difficult to verify" stories on DebkaFiles over the years.
  2. The signals cap a secret exchange of messages in recent weeks in which al Qaeda's Iraq commander, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi attempted to persuade bin Laden to leave Afghanistan and take command of the Ramadan offensive in Iraq.

    My guess: bollocks.
  3. Let's put this article in the what if category. What if OBL relocates ? What are the pro's and con's of such a move ?
  4. To me it sounds like a wish-fulfilment fantasy cooked up by some saddos who can't understand that the world has moved on from the Cold War. The nonsense about "taking command" is typical, AQ is not and has never been a structured hierarchical military organisation - and so methods and tactics designed for the Soviet Union don't work. Besides, the majority of insurgents in Iraq are Iraqi Sunnis who wouldn't take kindly to some foreigner coming in and telling them what to do.

    That said, if OBL can get into Iraq, get some video shot then bug out safely it would be a major victory for AQ in the war that really matters - the propaganda war. Seeing the world's superpower humiliated like that will do wonders for recruitment. After all, the floating vote will reason, if OBL started this mess by dropping the WTC, is still around and defies the US who can't catch him then maybe he really is on the winning side.
  5. Of course he's in Iraq. Osama bin Laden is everywhere.

    Where the physical carcass associated with the idea of Bin Laden currently resides is another, secondary, matter.
  6. 'Omni-present' i think its called. Others call it an attempt by the US govt to justify keeping troops in Iraq and Afghanistan now that the 'Tale of the Weapons of Mass Destruction' has been proved to be bollox.
  7. Doubtful.
    Anyone involved in counter terrorism would know better than to feed sensitive intel to the media.
    Their source, assuming that this isn’t total fantasy, is probably the janitor at MI5 or someone as equally informed.
  8. It is Debka, there are Arab terrorists everywhere.
  9. If he does relocate will he get his expenses paid?
  10. Surely he will not get expenses but rather free movment of his cave furnishings and disturbance allowance.

    On the other hand he doesn't appear to be married so he will probable find that the QM's will move his MFO boxes in about 5 months time and that he will have to pay for anything bigger than an MFO box to be moved himself.
  11. D-uh! No of course he won't, they have that Black Gulfstream II for things like that.

    Hold on, there's someone at the do
  12. And there was me thinking it was a certain little BAC-111...or one of those skanky ol' Il-76s. Good old Viktor.
  13. BAC 1-11's are soooo retro. :D