OBL hit: Why Navy SEALs?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by IndependentBoffin, May 2, 2011.

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  1. What is the reasoning in choosing what special forces should conduct missions such as the storming of OBL's villa?

    It seems to me that the US has many highly qualified people to choose from to conduct this raid:

    United States special operations forces - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    At some point it was decided to send in Navy SEALs, rather than Green Berets, Rangers, Marines, etc.

    I don't think the reason is as mundane as those guys were the closest available; if news reports are to be believed the Americans had some idea that OBL was hiding out in Abbottabad for some time.

    So presumably it must be something different about the training or equipment used by the Navy SEALs compared to other special forces. What is it?
  2. There was a swimming pool in the compound?

    Does it matter who does the biznis? They always end up losing their choppers.
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  3. Correct

    Err . . . ask an American ? (P.S. It might be classified, so they might only make it public in a really high-budget SFX movie )

    FFS . . . .:roll:
  4. Some SF types specialise in covert ops, some specialise in killing people and breaking things.
  5. Think Navy Seals are the only Tier 1 SF the US has, could be wrong
  6. American sf specialize in losing choppers
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    certain seal teams specialise in seagull and snatch missions like 6 so would be better suited, plus the opsec of setting a dummy up in the middle of the arabian sea and using a carrier as the point of departure makes more sense as no one can complain about territory when you are in international waters or ask what's going on unless someone updates their facebook status to 'off to slot public enemy number one!'

    we would do the same - oh hang on no we cant as some idiot trashed out carriers.

    seal teams also train with 'killing houses' a lot more than other SF and have had a lot of historical training time with them going back to NAM when they were set up from the UDT teams who in turn went through the commando school back in ww2 along with all the other US SF.
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  8. That has to be be the most remarkably oblique and bizarre promotion of carriers. Why cant helicopters fly off other ships?
  9. Pretty sure Delta would take issue with that.
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  10. We have plenty of form too and shouldn't throw stones in that particular glasshouse.
  11. Do you mean "Losing choppers" as in they can't remember where they parked them or "losing choppers" as in lost to enemy action and or accidents etc? Because to be fair I can think of a handful of fairly recent incidents that involved memebers of UKSF tumbling out of the sky in broken flying machines which would place them not too far behind the yanks in that department and by no means in a position to scoff at them.
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  12. It was actually Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). Only US organisation allowed to do assassinations. Also does hostage rescues paramilitary ops etc. Works closely with the CIA.

    Seal Team SIX/ Devgru whatever its called is the Navy Seal attachment to JSOC.

    Joint Special Operations Command - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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  13. Would that be a reference to a certain Puma dropping out of the sky in Baghdad?
  14. whoa, UKSF has organic helicopter support?
  15. You better ask the painter of the boat shed.