objects of war and the military souvenir

Hello there,

I'm looking for some help and information, and this seems the appropriate place to ask.

I am a final year mature student at University College Falmouth currently researching my final year dissertation entitled Objects of War: Consumption, Conflict and the Military Souvenir from Vietnam to Iraq.

I have already interviewed several current and former members of the British Armed Forces, and I'm looking for people who would be interested in contributing to this project. I am interested in the relationship between objects, memory and identity, and have identified two main areas of enquiry.
The first is the importance of equipment to a professional soldier; I'm interested in which items make up your kit. The second is the idea of the souvenir; things that you might bring home with you to remind you of your experiences.

All responses will be dealt with discretion, sensitivity and in the strictest confidence. I do not have a particular agenda; my interest is in the relationships between people and objects, and the way in which war is 'sold' to the consumer whether military personnel or civilian.
I have completed a similar, much smaller project on domestic objects and the idea of home which can be viewed here http://www.willforcommunication.co.uk/home/

If you would like to participate in this project you can email me: jeaniebeanie@btinternet.com
Or, alternatively, you can post a message at my website http://www.willforcommunication.co.uk/ under the 'objects of war' category.

Thanks for your time :)

Sorry, forgot to mention...

In light of recent frenzied media attention, I'd also be interested in your opinions on the idea of the photograph as souvenir and the portrayal of the military by the media.

Thanks again, I'm very grateful for your input!
Well you should basically have nothing, you can't bring back any weapon or peice of ordnance, you can't bring any thing that could be classed as loot, you can't bring back any thing of an historical nature. I suppose a plastic Camel from a street market would pass muster. There are odd exception that can be made for the Regimental museum, or unusual weapons which would be forwarded on for testing by the boffins
Unless you post it back then it sits cluttering up the place till you flog it on e bay :D
Small items that are easily concealed from the Gestapo at the airport. All I managed to get through was some local currency, a couple of lumps of shrapnel and a couple of AK rounds.

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