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For those stabs (and regulars that knew him) I regret to announce that Colonel R M (Dickie) Weare has passed away.

A regular Green Howard - Dickie was ordered by the Colonel of the Regiment to join the TA when he left the regular army after a very successful career. He commanded B Coy 1 Yorks and then eventually the Bn itself and eventually became Colonel of the Yorkshire Volunteers and Colonel Yorkshire and Humberside TAVR.

When he took over as CO 1 Yorks he was the man that made the decision that the Yorks were a Regiment and had to act as one. He had a Mess Kit designed, stopped the wearing of predecessor unit embellishments and formed a corps of drums. As a CO he was a hard taskmaster and a great leader both in the field and in the drill halls. Little escaped his notice and he set the very highest standards. In his later appointments he worked hard on behalf of all Territorials in the North.

I sincerely hope that St Peter has got his act together otherwise Dickie will doubtless be having a word with him.
His work will carry on for a quite a few more years I'm sure and the SNCO's and officers of the East and West Riding Regiment would be happier going back to Yorks Vols.

p.s. Isn't the Corps of Drums originally/still are Leeds Rifles
No - the band are the old Leeds Rifles Band and true to their roots when they were disbanded they refused to go (again). They now soldier on with the title Yorkshire Volunteers Band but are officially civvis.

God bless 'em, that's the Spirit.

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