Obituary of MO who served with 16 PFA on Op Torch and Op Market Garden

In the Telegraph: Dr David Wright - Telegraph

"On the night of February 2 1943, Wright accompanied 1 Para in an assault on Jebel Mansour. When he heard a wounded man call for help, he and a comrade crawled out under very heavy fire and dragged him in. The next day he attended to casualties under continuous fire, and that night helped stretcher bearers bring down a number of casualties over difficult terrain. He afterwards established a first aid post and kept it going for two days under constant mortar fire. He was awarded an immediate MC. "

"On September 17 1944, in Operation Market Garden, 16 PFA, attached to 1st Parachute Brigade, was dropped at Arnhem. There Wright was one of only two medical officers who succeeded in reaching the key bridge over the Rhine.

They set up a field hospital at Brigade HQ near the north end of the bridge, and by the end of the third day there were 200-300 wounded in the cellars. The house was under constant fire, but a Dutch GP, at great personal risk, made several journeys crawling through ditches to bring the contents of his surgery to the beleaguered defenders. When it became too difficult to move the wounded to the hospital, the two MOs had to run the gauntlet of small arms and artillery fire to tend to them and administer last rites.

By the fourth day the HQ’s perimeter had been reduced to 150 yards. When the Germans attacked with phosphorous shells, fires began to burn out of control and a two-hour ceasefire was granted to allow the wounded to be evacuated. Wright organised the transfer of the wounded to a German-held hospital and, though completely exhausted, set to work to help them. He subsequently received a Dutch award, the Bronze Lion, the citation recording that his skill, calmness, cheerfulness and courage had saved many lives. "

How many brave men owed their lives to him?
I met the good doc on several occasions and IMHO his finest hour and best work was possibly carried out at Gue Hill in North Africa in November 1942.......he also supplied several photos for the book Red Berets and Red Crosses.....

RIP Doctor David.....


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RIP Doctor Wright.

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