Obituary for Colonel Sir Walter Luttrell MC

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Litotes, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Another old and bold soldier (Reg and TA) bites the dust!

    He won the MC for a spirited attack on the enemy sitting on the Teutoburger Wald ridge in April 1945.

    Obituary in the Telegraph

  2. An earlier thread asked why Blair (sorry to even mention Blair here, he not being fit to clean Sir Walter's shoes), hates Britain. Sir Walter Luttrell represented everything that was fine about England, a gentleman who looked down on none and treated all, peer or plumber, with the same courtesy, a gentle man who understood the land and those who lived on it and worked it, a man who always put others before himself. In short an English country gentleman and a real man. Somerset and England are the poorer for his death.
    Sir Walter Luttrell represented everything Blair and his Ilk despise and hate and one of the reasons he and they hate Sir Walter is they realise that Sir Walter's values were timeless and will always be present while their shallow hate is a temporary aberition and will vanish.
    I did not hunt shoot or fish with Sir Walter Luttrell, when I was young we had the use of a small cottage on his land, he always raised his hat to me, smiled and passed the time of day, Lady Luttrell was equally genuine, and devoted to him, she must be devestated at his passing. HE WAS GREAT.
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    See Caubeen Wiki entry
  4. Thread edited.

    Caubeen, until such time as your claimed Military credentials are established beyond all reasonable doubt , your posts on forums I moderate will be removed without warning.

    I have no intention of having threads on worthy topics such as this become a battleground , nor do I intend to have forums I am responsible for become dominated by your verbose ramblings.

    Furthermore, as you have now stated you are taking the matter to law , I have no intention of allowing you to bait posters into providing material for your threatened lawsuit.

  5. Thank you for removing Caubeen's comments on Sir Walter Luttrell. Sir Walter would not have condemned Caubeen, just felt sorry for him, and would have tried to help him.
  6. baldcossack, I strongly believe you are Caubeen. Could a mod please confirm/deny this?

    edited to add sincere condolences, and appreciation for a life lived fully and well.
  7. You are an arrogant fool, and your actions - aimed at trying to defend the COs and your fellow Mods - have backfired on you, making the tribute thread to a fine man a battleground of the kind you say you sek to avoid.

    Get a grip, all of you!

    Luttrel was a magnificent man, and you are unworth of his legacy of honour.

    You little fools.
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    Please, just delete them. Don't give him any opportunity to respond as he has done. Mark him as a person whose posts don't show, so he can't usurp threads, particularly those in memory of a true gentleman.

    May Colonel Sir Walter rest in peace.
  9. Rumpelstiltskin, sorry to dissapoint you, I'm not Caubeen. Caubeen would seem to be based in The UK, I am more than 1,000 miles away from England and 2 hours ahead of BST. The moderators will know the position of my computer and of Caubeen's, they will know the time setting on his computer and on mine. I hope they will confirm this to you.
  10. Why does your carefully constructed "Man o' culture, so I am" facade fall away so easily when informed reasonably of a moderating decision Caubeen?

    I was very careful in my phrasing of my statement to tell you exactly why I was taking the steps I am.

    As you have taken the time to be blunt, I'll reciprocate.

    Your posts are verbose , invariably patronising and condescending , full of "£20.00 words in £5.00 sentences" and I suspect a tendency to play fast and loose with truth.

    I have stated in plain English why I will not allow you to post on forums I moderate. In addition, though I did not state so in my previous post , I very strongly suspect you are a previously banned poster with very strong views on certain subjects. He also had a modus operandi of posting heavily on multiple subjects.

    If that is indeed proved to be the case, then you would never have been allowed to return to Arrse as a poster who'd previously been banned on multiple occasions.

    In addition , if that is the case, then I suspect your return to Arrse was to bait this forum and it's members into a position where you could exact some form of squalid and petty revenge.

    This forum and others I am responsible for. will not become the fertile hunting grounds of defamation you so obviously seek to engineer.
  11. If this is so, then I apologise unreservedly.
  12. I'm not sure how to tell you this, but your service providers are the same. The IP addresses are close too. Though not sufficently close for me to call for the man with the kindling.

    This can happen if you are both using proxies of course.
  13. RIP to the good Colonel and sincere condolences to his family and friends. He was a truly admirable man and a credit to his long line and the British Army.


    Off-thread: I'm absolutely horrified that caubeen (who PTP suspects of being "Herrenbloke") could display the incredible bad taste and lack of grace as to brutally misuse a condolences thread for a very fine person to continue his ridiculous crusade on ARRSE.

    I sincerely hope that I (and other Irishmen on ARRSE) have proved that he's a one-off anomaly.

    If this bit should be out of order, PTP, then please delete.
  14. Rest in Peace Sir Walter
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