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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by theoriginalphantom, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. Seeing the number of threads on death, would it be an idea to create an obituaties forum, or a births marriages and deaths style forum? It would make searching to see if there is already a thread dedicated (excuse the pun) to the individual/group/incident.

    It was just an idea that came up in conversations while browsing ARRSE and looking up the sad loss of another life.

    I'm not campainging for such a forum, but trying to guage opinion
  2. isn't there a sticky in the mil history forum ?
  3. Or as some of us call it:
    Arrivals, joinings & departures :D
  4. Or Hatched, Matched and Despatched...
  5. I reckon its a cracking idea, it could be put in the "Serious Bit" of the site. At present the one in the military history forum isn't really suited for the task IMHO.
  6. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    I've seen the proportion of yes votes in the polls, but I'm not convinced. ARRSE does have its serious side, and I'm very much in favour of it, but I'm not sure that a dedicated obits forum is appropriate.

    I know we have a lot of "RIP mate" threads and have no problem with that at all as they are spontaneous and informal in nature by the fact that they are just another message in a forum (I don't mean to detract from the sentiments behind the messages there). A dedicated obituaries forum is something different though, and the irreverent, comic, sometimes downright offensive nature of ARRSE and even the name of the site just don't seem the right place for it.

    I'm trying to be logical here and failing. Does noone else with a better ability to express themselves feel the same?

    Edit: one more thing - this has a sort of Blondebint feel to it somehow. I can imagine the site do-good nutters having a field day. Can't really explain why I think that either!
  7. I know what you mean GCO, having a formal Obit posted on Arrse don't seem quit right, however this is a good channel for all to see and some form of sub forum, (like the recruiting one) within Current Affairs might work.
  8. I like that idea. I too understand what GCO means, but as we have 'The Serious Bit', I don't think that posting obits there under a group banner would be irreverent.
  9. Is "Obituaries" the wrong word perhaps - implying a formal post. Something like a condolences or a memorials sub-forum would be more appropriate to the sentiments expressed. Personally, I think that collecting the various threads in one place would be a fitting tribute as it would prevent the messages being lost in obscure corners of the forums.

  10. But any dedicated obituary forum would need to be in addition to the existing threads, would it not? Because, although these tragic, saddening (unnecessary?) losses of young lives have become sickeningly regular, to REPLACE the current threads would feel like an acceptance of these tragedies. I know it isn't true, but it feels to me that obituaries are more for those that have died at the end of a long life, not those who's lives have been cut short. The existing threads start as "breaking news": an incident is posted. As more news comes in, it is posted. The "R.I.P. mate" threads then EVOLVE as a spontaneous and very personal response. The reader/poster makes his/her OWN response. Whilst I hate to read of these deaths, the honesty and sincerity of the posts is touching and brings a tear to my eye. And it is possible to post as much, or as little, with regard to any others that may have been injured.

    A formal obituary cannot be typed spontaneously. It might require a committee or a few phone calls. And, I think to feel comfortable typing ones message on a dedicated obituary thread might be difficult, making one feel under pressure to say something worthwhile (planned and insincere). It's like saying it with your work clothes on instead of dressed up.
  11. We all know that I can see the lighter side of the dangerous work we do... I mean, I sell bullets guaranteed to save you life or your money back! duuuuh!


    This is Squadie Humour. The reality, however,... when someone dies.... ain't so hot. And real soldiers doing the real sh1t don't like to be reminded of the truths... they prefer to get p***sed, somehow make a joke of it and forget it... 'coz you could be next. It works. My main worry here is that we'll end up with people banging on about people they don't know... and really get to the platoon they were in, or even worse, the relatives.

    Keep the reality out of Arrse. Your Arrse should be used for what God intended... ssssheeeeeeeet.

    Mind you, if a real Arrse player bites the dust... I'm sure we'll all write something, somewhere, and make a worthy tribute.
  12. Leave the situation as it is - spontaneous threads expressing condolences in one form or another. Let's not become grief addicted - say what you want to say and move on.

    An 'obit' board would be over-run by - as GCO says - Blondebint type characters and individuals who just fail to 'get' what we're all about.

    That said, if it's an ARRSEr who hits the dirt, no reason why someone who knew him shouldn't write a nice piece on him/her, as long as it doesn't infringe site policy, of course.
  13. i was thinking about that the other day, how would you know if an arrser bought it? unless of course someone found out thier real identity.

    i think a board for collective tributes and losses is a good idea. maybe all the other ones could be moved into it. after all they are gone but not forgotten.

    i also think that anyone trying to be funny on the uber serious board should be castrated. its a fallen comrade and should be treated with high respect. and making a joke on it would be like making one at the funeral with all the family present. im sure noone would stoop that low.
  14. on that point alone I retract my comments on a dedicated forum/sub forum etc and am more than happy to admit that it was a bad idea,

    (I will now have all those who took part in the conversation in the office soundly thrashed by way of repentance)
  15. I might be wrong, but I don't think that anyone was suggesting having a formal obituary typed up, just that condolences threads be grouped together - as custard_war said, "Something like a condolences or a memorials sub-forum would be more appropriate to the sentiments expressed." Having said that, now I've seen GCO's edit regarding the site odd-balls, I think that leaving it as is is the best plan!