obfustat.ACQV virus and BHO.CVX trojan horse

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by wheelchairwarrier, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. today my avg antivirus tells me I have the above ,and although it says it put it in the vault a dialoge box appears every time I open a new window . how do I get rid of these, as I have tries CC and spybot to no avail , any ideas ?

  2. Only thing i can think off is turning off your systems restore then run a virus scan then turn systems restore back on
  3. thanks jaybee 2786, detecting its not a prob , its getting shot of it , time spent so far with nill result so its looking at a hdd format, be quicker,
    lucky I back up once a week. just have to get a 10year old to do the biz !

  4. Will AVG start in "Safe Mode"? I dunno, as my LAN runs NOD32, but if it will (repeatedly hit F8 while booting, ignore beeps) and try removing that way. Safe Mode does not load numerous drivers, giving you a "clean" start.

    And don't look at so much Frankie Vaughn.
  5. what does the pop up window say. is win32.akk?
  6. WW,

    PM msr mate. He sorted me out a few weeks back when I had some nasty shite on my machine.

    try this site for help

    Or try here:

    DR WEB

    Cheers N_W.
  7. WW the reason i said turn off systems restore is when turned on, all system restore files are locked ie not able to delete. when turned off all system restore files auto deleted
  8. Thanks jaybee2786, and everyone else, all methods so far have failed so its reformat time.
    I have had to call in my tech support guru, she 's demanding seeing as its a Sunday call out £5 and a box of malteesers.
    She's holding me to ransom, knowing I cant feed the pc software cd's, 10 year olds eh ?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Have you tried the http://www.freedrweb.com download?

    I just hope you have tested a restore of your backup if you are going down the re-format route.

  10. Belt & braces, back ups on dvd and external HD.

  11. msr

    msr LE

    That doesn't answer the question - have you tried a test restore ;)

  12. yes, tested and scanned before reinstal. Reformated HDD and short of a tenner & no sweets, bad for her ;) Back to fate tempting normal.

  13. msr

    msr LE

    And stop being such a cheapskate: http://www.nod32.com

    If you want decent antivirus, you have to pay for it ;)

  14. AVG Antivirus: I was cut off for hours today before I realised that this programme had updated itself last night. Then, suddenly, no web pages could be displayed. Something called Identity Protection had been added to AVG, after which :I was fcuked. After a complete uninstall, AVG was gone and my Browsers fairly thundered along, improved download speeds of 500k + Likewise I sacked Comodo Firewall, and that proved a good idea too. I now use a completely different package.

    A call to BT tech support revealed another little gem: they were remotely viewing my screen. Just wanted to mention that.