Obesity set before age of five

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by easesprings, Dec 17, 2008.

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    Great news it means the porky ******* now realise they have Gland problems earlier. But it isn't helped by the parents, giving them a bucket of crisps and a gallon of diet coke to shut them up inbetween meals

    But as Christmas is round the corner and we are in the grips of a credit crunch, feed the fat feckers up for the next 8 days, shove and apple in their mouth, and cook on gas mark 7 for approx 3 hours depending on the weight of the beast.

    And heypresto a free scoff, and no urching hanging round your neck for the next 18 years saving a vast fortune in the longrun
  2. What a load of old bollox !!

    I know of fat kids who grew up to be thin adults and are still thin into middle age as well as thin kids (girls especially) who have massively gone to pot.

    This sounds like another Govt opportunity to control our kids and stop them being kids. There will be prescribed rations for them and if you don't follow the rules you will have them taken away from you.

    The earlier you get them and start interfering in their lives the easier it is to keep them obediant when they become adults.

  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Try and find products that don't have sugar in them. I used to get annoyed shopping in the Commissary in Yankland as pretty much everything was flavoured with corn syrup (still is too). I used to yearn for less sweet food from home.

    Nowadays, I have to look closely at food here too. Try looking at the ingredient label of pretty much anything tinned and you will find sugar in there. Looking at diary as well, even "low fat" products generally have a v high carbohydrate content, which crucially the majority will sugar to give us that instant buzz we need to buy again. Oh and as folk generally have a more sedate life style, means weight gain and a greater strain on the body as it fights to do something with the energy. For kids that means laying down fat.

    As a nation, our taste buds are knackered and we are hooked on convenience foods. Food companies know that subtle flavours don't sell and so stack products with either sugar or salt.

    These days the only tins I buy are of tomatoes. Everything else I cook from scratch and I use a lot of fresh and dried herbs for taste. I know that in the long run my kids and I will be healthier by doing so.
  4. What dogs_bollox said.