Obesity problem solved..........

Call it something else!

BBC radio news just reporting that Dept of Health are telling Doctor's to call "obese" people "very overweight" instead.
Its almost like making murder legal and thus 'crime rates have fallen'.

What is it with the government and its doublspeak?
It can't possibly be a solution as it doesn't involve 7.62 link. 1B1T for preferences, more chance of setting the fat on fire, thereby ensuring death and an easier clean-up.
If obese people are called 'very overweight' what will you call the 'super super morbidly obese' (those with a body mass index greater than 60 kg/metre square)?
Tried and tested tactic. When we had nuclear contamination problems at Windscale, the name was changed to Sellafield. Problem disappeared overnight.

Similar thing worked when we compared graduate levels to those of other countries. Just upgraded CSEs and renamed the A-Level into a degree. Now we have the highest per capita rate of graduates in Europe.

Fecking spinmeisters

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