Obesity controlled by the brain

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biped, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes folks, it's been confirmed!

    From the beeb:

    This leads me to the actual thought processes that control the body's metabolism and glands:

    "mgmgmchipschompchompsweetsurglurglurgllemonadescoffscoffscoffPIES!!!!fatcuntfatcuntfatcuntfatcunt" :D
  2. Something we have known for ages......

    mmmmm I am hungry therefore I must eat a small nations food allowance to cure my hunger and satisfy my fat belly
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The part of the brain that screams EAT EAT EAT ya fat fecker oh and best get a diet coke
  4. I know a lady named Paulette that is so fat she has to wake up in sections.

    Your mama's so fat, when she broke her leg, gravy poured out!

    And then there is Judy. She has so many double chins she looks like she is staring at you over a pile of pancakes.

    You are so fat you were baptized in Sea World.

    You are so fat, you had your baby pictures taken by satellite.

    Yo mama's so fat, I had to take a train and two busses just to get to her GOOD side.

    The rather broad lady showed up at the theatre just before the
    performance started and handed the usher two tickets. "Where's
    the other party?" asked the usher.
    "Well," said the lady, with a blush, "you see one seat
    is a little small for me and rather uncomfortable so I bought
    two. But they're both really for me."
    "Okay with me, lady," the usher replied, scratching
    his head. "There's just one problem. Your seats are numbers
    fifty-one and sixty-three."

    Apparently clumsy people are more likely to be obese. That's because they keep walking into things....
    Like McDonald's.

    .I have Body Dismorphia by Proxy, I think my wife is a fat ugly cnut.

    I find all these obese jokes horrible.
    Don't you think they have enough on their plate?

    Apparently, my wife was telling me, obesity runs in her family...it would be the only thing that fcuking does...

    The wife's been moaning at me for a while as I've piled on the pounds and developed a 'spare tyre', so I went along to the doctor and asked if there was anything I can do.

    He said, 'It's simple. Don't panic. Just do something a couple of times a week that gets you slightly out of breath.'

    So I started smoking again. :lol:
  5. Its all in the mind......its all in the mind.......


    No it's fcuking not its all in the fridge :evil:
  6. Has anyone else noticed that lots of fat people wear lots of sports kit? Its kind of a kick in the bollo**s to all the manufactures sponsorship cash when they have top athletes wearing their stuff and people arguing over which latest form of synthetic material provides the least wind resistance to their over active pie arms!

    lots of sports wear and not alot of sport!
  7. Mrs Outcast says my weight problem is caused by my feet. Cos I cant keep them out the bloody kitchen!!
  8. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Ah, this appears to be the natural successor/adjunct to this rather amusing thread:


    "The findings suggest the brain plays the dominant role in controlling appetite, and that obesity cannot easily be blamed on metabolic flaws."

    Well, no surprise there then. So it is down to individual choice to be a fat pie-eating sweaty, chomping face-stuffer ? My, my who would have thought it ? Where are all the self-delusional fatties now - come on defend yourselves. Oh I forgot, you can't.

    Chomp, chomp...
  9. Is it the same part of the brain that makes me thrap myself silly for no apparant reason?
  10. Feck me just another excuse to add to the long list of im a fatty excuses.

    There we go, fatties broon can not get you off of incapacity because you are now technically not just fat "your mentally ill"
  11. Does this mean a lobotomy is what's needed to aid weight loss?