Obese Women Have Less Sex, More Unwanted Pregnancy

I wonder if this also applies to obese men--at least the first part? Judging from what I see in our local Wal-Mart in terms of huge women with numerous huge children,

if this study is true, the "non-obese" women (wherever they are--we do not see them in our area) must be virtual rabbits.

Obese Women Have Less Sex, More Unwanted Pregnancy

Obese women are four times more likely to have an unwanted pregnancy than women of a healthy weight, despite having sex less often, a new study published in BMJ this week found. A team of researchers recorded data from hour-long phone interviews with more than 12,000 French men and women for the study, which also found that obese men—as determined by calculating body mass index (BMI) using height and weight—are more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction than men of a healthy weight. "[T]he ultimate point of the study was to examine how BMI—and associated health issues—might affect sexual health," Time magazine reported. "To that end, researchers found that, compared with normal weight women, obese women were 30 percent less likely to report having a sexual partner in the previous year, and obese women were half as likely as lower BMI peers to say that sexuality was an important component of their 'personal life balance.' " Obese women under 30 were four times as likely to report an unplanned pregnancy compared with women of a healthy weight. They also were less likely to have spoken with a doctor about contraception and less likely to have used birth control or condoms. Instead, they rely on "less effective contraception methods (such as 'pulling out')" eight times more often than healthy women. The study also found that obese respondents were more likely to suffer from chronic conditions such as depression and diabetes; obese respondents were more likely to have completed fewer years of schooling; and two-thirds of obese women in a relationship had a partner who was also obese or overweight (one-third of obese men).

Read original story in Time | Thursday, June 17, 2010

That explains why I had a kid with her on the first night, absolutely nothing to do with the both of us being hammered at all, I can sleep easier now, knowing its all her fault.
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