Obese man loses no seat claim against airline

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Lucky_Jim, May 25, 2007.

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  1. Link here

    He's 29 stone for Christ's sake. I wouldn't want to sit next to him on 20 minute train journey, never mind a 4 hour flight to Turkey.

    hooped. mk
  2. Moaning to the Beeb doesn't seem that reclusive to me.
    At that weight he's a drain on the NHS too!

    On a more constructive note, however, I'm sure he could have been transported as cargo or accommodated on a container ship from Ipswich.

    dieted ofr dmnade slleginp aigan!
  3. "Thomas Cook has already reimbursed the cost of Mr Brown's holiday 'and was offered a plate of pies' which he refused.".

    fat people want everything, they already use the disabled and mother and baby parking spaces at tesco - what more do they want?
  4. I bloody hate fat people. When I see a fat person in the street I spit on them as I would a dog.
  5. 29 stone? Presumably that means he couldn't squeeze through the over wing emergency exits. Bad news for those sitting on fire in the row behind.

    It's a toss up which is worse, actually... sitting next to a man elephant, or a badly, very badly behaved child. Neither should be acceptable.
  6. ...in that case he should return the money to Thomas Cook !
    ...fat b@stard!
  7. Well there is a very easy solution for him: buy two tickets and flow across two seats.

    Suppose he could try losing some weight.

    No, that would be too difficult. Silly me.
  8. Did they have to move him from on end of the plane to the other for take off and landing.
    What would be worst though sitting next to him or next to bLIAR, at least you would get a sensible conversation with a fat CNUT.
  9. I always feel like taking a scalpel to fat cnuts.

    I have a slow metabolism
    ---I cant go quick cos my thinghs rub together and spontaneously combust

    I am big boned
    ---I eat too many spare ribs in BBQ sauce and they have grafted onto mine

    Its the food companies faults
    ---I eat to much

    I blame my mother
    ---It was always so hard to say no, i have fogotten how to. God love her and her cream cakes

    Im a BBW
    ---Big Bloated Whale
  10. Why not a bacon slicer? :twisted:
  11. Bring on the fat tax. Anyone above a medically acceptable weight of fat should pay for all the extra resources they use, through taxation and at the point of delivery.

    If you want to be a disgusting bloater, that's your choice and you should be prepared to live with it. Just don't expect me to subsidise your greed and laziness.

    Aye, and while we're at it, don't look at me like I've shat in your chips when I ask you to move over so I can get a seat on the bus too!
  12. Dont mind fat t*ts and beef curtains though?
  13. Fat people should be taxed more, banned from public transport, a curfew put on them and be made to wear orange boiler suits.
  14. to the gym for example, or the salad aisle.
  15. have you ever SEEN a fat person at the gym? Its hideous..all that rippling and sweating, especially in crop tops and leggings!

    Not me obviously...i'm not bloody stupid enough to try running!! :D