Obama's thoughts on the Falklands.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Apparently he thinks we are discussing the Maldives.

    Obama Goofs on Falklands - He refers to disputed islands as Maldives

    I know that other great US diplomat, Palin, understanding of world geography is bad but I hoped Obama's would be better. Maybe not.

    On a serious note, perhaps reflects just how much interest USA has in our spat with Argentina.
  2. Actually, I'd rather have the Maldives. Been there on a spanking holiday. Had a 6 month holiday in "Las Malvinas" and frankly the weather was shite.

    Can we have Gan back please?
  3. Do you take your own women and spank them there, or are they provided onsite as part of the package?
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  4. Really not much interest at all, the fact that Barry's so badly briefed as to have garbled the Argie name for the islands is interesting, I suspect in DC they don't call then The Falklands. My impression is DC steadily leaning more towards the Argentinean view, they've been quietly pressing for negotiations recently, like certain Nobel Laureates. This probably is indicative of the sinking importance of the UK as a US ally.
  5. Until the next time they want some mugs to lend a veneer of respectability to one of their madcap speculative wars.
  6. The most interesting thing about it is that it isn't half the world's Facebook status/latest tweet ad the "skateboarding duck" story on every news channel.

    Had it been GWB that gaffed it would have been.
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  7. Well, Bush was a very naughty boy, and Obama is the Messiah.
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  8. At least he didn't say Mau Mau.
  9. I was in the Maldives very recently as it goes. Quite why the Argies are claiming soveriegnty over a bunch of attols int he Indian Ocean eludes me. Nice place, tho.

  10. More importantly, provide a link to the website that offers such holidays. You selfish bastard.
  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Perhaps he read the RAF's Counter Attack plan if it all goes pear shaped down there.

    Chapter 1 Deploy to 5* complex in The Maldives

    The Argentinians owe the Septics a boat load of cash.
    It could be they are being their new bessie and putting a comforting arm around them which will become a British Headlock if they don't get the Billions owed.

    Of course back during the war Reagan reportedly asked Thatcher to "go easy" on the Argentinians.
    Apperently his adviser (Allbright?) was worried that supporting the UK would harm the U.S.'s business in the south.
    When he made the call he was told it was a bit late 2 Para were already kicking the living shit out of them at Goose Green.

  12. This action would seem to disagree with you, Americas summit ends in acrimony - Americas - Al Jazeera English
    snip "Washington, backed by Ottawa, rebuffed widespread demands to include in the meeting's final declaration language specifying that Cuba be present in future summits. They also refused to back Buenos Aires' claim to the Falklands, prompting Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to storm out of the summit,"
  13. Please. I've just eaten. :x

    WHAT!!?? You mean Obammy ain't got no supernatrul powurz?!

    How can that be?
    How do you explain the cult like worship and mindless adulation seen at the inauguration? Haven't all those dramatic photos taken at low angles as he gazes upward and wears a look of "deep concern" convinced you that we are in the presence of greatness?

    What about his soul stirring chants of "yes we can" and "change" (you know,that stuff we used to have in our pockets)?

    Has he not promised to do for us the miracle of "the redistribution of the wealth" whereby magically all our pockets will be filled to overflowing,work will be abolished as we are cared for by the state and we'll be driving a shiny new Cadillac car?

    And yet you stand here,a mere commoner,with a murky past and no credentials and have the unmitigated nerve to tell us he is naught more than a "puppet" like Beany & Cecil! (sans the wit and humor) a cheap diversion with a puppeteers hand up his ass designed to entertain and subvert the children that are his audience??!!

    How dare you question him! You are committing an act of high treason!!! You sir,must be a racist!=-D

  14. Not really Barry unlike the Canadians was forceful in his neutrality until the Argies stupidly brought up Cuba. Big red light, F L O R I D A is a swing state and full of Castro hating exiles. The nationalization of that Spanish oil firm might make the Septics a bit less even handed, after Wall St thee oil firms are Barry's next biggest donors and they've just found huge shale deposits down there.

    Linky.. I see the Telegraph is reporting it as a shiv in the short ribs for Dave's chum Barry.
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